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Following our theme of good runs that end with good coffee and good food, we have two excellent routes this week that meet that goal. On Monday we head to the Whole Foods on the Kensington High Street but we pass through the Brompton Cemetery on the way. The Brompton Cemetery is one of those unique London gems that is fun to discover. Friday we head to Borough Market, another London treasure. We keep things local on Wednesday with a route that crosses Regents Park and Belsize Park. I know it’s so busy at this time of year, but come join us!

Royal Parks Half Marathon or another Fall Half?

I think we have a growing group of runners who are planning to do the Royal Parks Half Marathon on October 11. Can you let me know if you are planning to do the race (or another half in the fall) so I can get a sense of our group? Next week we’ll post a summer training plan for those planning to do an autumn half marathon race.

Save the Date

Wednesday 27 May- Canary Wharf or The Wall

Wednesday 3 June- Happening Bagel via the Greenway

Friday 5 June- “Sights of London” run and Leavers Coffee at Richoux

Monday 8 June- Big Ben

Wednesday 10 June- Last official run of the year

That’ all for now – keep running,



Monday, May 18th – Whole Foods via Brompton Cemetery (6.5+ miles)

Today we’ll earn our post-run treat by ending at Whole Foods on the Kensington High Street!  Bring your shopping list if you want.

We start out the normal way to Hyde Park.  Once you enter the park, turn left and run along the east side of the park.  At Hyde Park Corner turn right and run along the south side exiting at the gate at Sloane Street.  Cross the street, take a right.  Turn left at Brompton Road (just past the tube) and take Brompton  (admiring Harrods as you pass); Brompton will split before the V&A Museum but stay to the right (still Brompton Road) and stay on it as it becomes Fulham Road.  Continue on Fulham to Brompton Cemetery.  Turn right to enter the cemetery.  Run through the cemetery and turn right onto Old Brompton Road.  Turn left onto Earls Court Road. Turn right onto Cromwell Road and then turn left onto Marloes Road. Continue north on Marloes making your way through the streets to Kensington High Street.  Whole Foods will be to your right.





Wednesday, May 20th – Camden Left to Regents Park – 6 miles


Head out the Canal east again, but exit RIGHT at Camden Market, taking the bridge to cross over over the Canal and make a LEFT onto Chalk Farm Hill Road.  Take this road north, past Adelaide, past England’s Lane to Belsize Grove [before the Belsize Tube Stn] and make a left.  Left again on Belsize Park Gardens.  Take this all the way to Primrose Hill Park.  Enter the PH Park and follow the north side path until it ends; make a left and continue to the Ormonde Terrace entrance, make a left and zig zag to the other side of the park and back to the main entrance on Prince Albert Road.  Exit PH Park, cross Prince Albert and go across the bridge and across the Ring Road into Regents Park.  Follow the interior path alongside the Zoo and as it curls onto the Broadwalk.  Go right and follow the Broadwalk to just beyond The Smokehouse.  Make a right onto the main path and take it across the park, exiting at the Charlbert entrance.  Head up to St Johns Wood Terrace, make a left and head to Starbucks.






Friday, May 22nd – Borough Market – 6 miles


OK, it’s Friday, but we are NOT going up that hill! We are going to start at the regular time and run down to Borough Market, where we can have coffee and get some good eats for there or to take home.  Then will tube home from London Bridge Station.  We start out down Circus Road to Charlbert and into Regent’s Park, where we will take the Outer Loop around to the left and cross out of the park at Portland Place.  We’ll run down Portland Place, which becomes Regent Street, to Oxford Circus and make a left onto Oxford Street.  We’ll run down Oxford Street to Kingsway and make a right and take that to the end, which is Aldwych. Now turn right onto Aldwych and cross over The Strand and down to the Thames, where we’ll cross at the Waterloo Bridge.  Once across the river, we’ll make a left and run along the Thames (river will be on your left) to Bank End/Park Street, where we’ll leave the river and run to the Market.



Friday is our run to Borough Market

18 – 22 May Running Info

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