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Executive Committee:
Micki Heskett – overall group lead

Paola Di Meo – routes
Amy Grace – website
Jen Ianazzo – membership
Melissa Kay – routes
Miki Neant – routes
Dinae Norris – routes
Erin Roth – routes
Sue Wheeler – half-marathon lead/finance

Beginner Group coaches:
Amy Grace – lead
Shannon Ashton
Jess Browne
Paola DiMeo
Melissa Kay
Sue Wheeler

Pace Group Leaders:
There are several women in each group who will be pace group leaders for the long run. They’ll help keep the group together, which will be increasingly important as we do more longer runs and/or new routes. But please remember that everyone is responsible for generally knowing the route, not just the leaders.

The time listed is the training pace, not the race pace.

The “Eights” Group (8:00-9:00 min/mile) – Leaders:  Miki Neant and Marissa O’Malia
The “Nines” Group (9:00-9:45 min/mile) – Leaders: Micki Heskett and Meredith Snizek
The “Tens” Group (10-10:45 min/mile) – Leaders: Heather Davenport, Stephanie Mager and Jane Novak
The “Elevens” Group (10:45-12:00 min/mile) – Leaders:  Melissa Kay and Magali Kivatinetz
The “Twelves” Group (12:00-13:00 min/mile) – Leaders:  Fernanda Spinelli and Carol Osborne
The Ramp Up Group (Wonder Women) – Leaders: Tamar Brooks, Claudia Figueroa and Krista Senserucu  


President Emeritus – Jane Novak
Founder – Paula Mitchell

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