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Hello Runners,
We have so much to talk about this week.  As most of you know, I’m leaving London in a couple of weeks.  Lynn Gilbert has agreed to coordinate the running group after I leave.  She is putting together a team of people to help with routes, trip planning, the website, social activities, the beginner group, etc.  There will be more information forthcoming about the new “team” of coordinators.  If you are interested in helping out with any aspect of the group next year, please contact Lynn.  
On Sunday, Amy Grace, Vicky Timbers, Donna Vos and Nisa Geller are running the Stratford-upon-Avon marathon.  We have a group of ladies going out to watch them run.  We’ll be driving because it’s near impossible to get out there by train for the race start.  If you are interested in joining me, let me know immediately.  Currently our numbers are hovering between one car and two cars so I need a headcount asap.  We’ll be leaving London at 7:30am and should be back around 4:30-5:00pm.  It’s going to be fun!  We’ll see the girls at miles 7, 14, and 24 and hike on country trails between those “viewings”. 
There are several races coming up or being planned.  
The Nike 10k night run will be held on Saturday, 18 May.  Please contact Angela Shaw (shaws96@hotmail.com) if you have any questions about that event.  I’ve heard we have quite a group wanting to run it - should be fun.  
On 29 September, there are half-marathons in Windsor and Ealing.  We have people interested in both races.  For a quick comparison, Windsor has some tough hills, an earlier start with more complicated transport on the day but will be much more beautiful than Ealing.  Ealing is easy to get to and is less hilly but won’t be as scenic as Windsor.  For further info about the Ealing race, you could contact Tess Gomm (tessgomm@gmail.com).  For further information about the Windsor race, you could contact Darcy Fautz (darcy_fautz@me.com).  The Windsor route profile is below:

There is also some interest in the Amsterdam half-marathon on 20 October.  For further details, contact Holly Bell Stevens (brooksholly@yahoo.com).  
I’ll be organising a weekend in San Antonio, Texas to run the Rock-n-Roll Half-marathon on 17 November.  I’m hoping we’ll have a good turn-out of “alumni” WRW runners who are currently living in the US, but those of you living here are most welcome to join us too!  If you are interested, let me know so I can add you to the distribution for future correspondence regarding that race.  
Please join me after the run on Friday, 10 May, at Cafe Richoux around 9:45am for coffee/tea/pastries.  The movers are packing the house the following week and I’ll be flying out on Thursday, 16th, so this will probably be the last day I run with the group (there’s a chance I’ll squeeze in a run on Wed, 15 May).  Gifts are not allowed!!!!  I’m serious about that.  I just want to see you and have a chance to say good-bye.  

Routes this Week

Monday, 29 April
On Monday, we’ll do a loop so we can get back to Starbucks and toast the Stratford-upon-Avon marathon runners.  Is anyone interested in a longer run?  I’m happy to do the 9 mile version if anyone is interested.  
Kensal Rise Cemetery loop (9 miles) – We can make this route almost anydistance.  Some of you have said you’d like a longer run thrown in every now and then - so here’s your chance.  The route heads down Hall Rd/Sutherland to Harrow Rd where we’ll turn right.  Once we cross over Kilburn Ln, the cemetery sits on the left hand side.  We’ll do a loop in the cemetery then continue on Harrow Rd. to Scrubs Lane.  After crossing over the canal, we’ll drop down to the towpath and follow it all the way back to Little Venice then up to Starbucks in SJW.  If you want a shorter route, eliminate the loop in the cemetery (7.5 miles) or drop down to the canal at Kilburn Ln and follow the canal back to SJW (5-5.5 miles).

Tuesday, 30 April
Some of the ex-beginners will be doing a 45-60 minute run - route of their choice.

Wednesday, 1 May
Cocomaya (Brompton Rd location) and/or the biggest Starbucks in London (7 miles) - This should be a nice route with lots of distance options.  The destination is Cocomaya and/or Starbucks on Brompton Rd. My plan is to finish at Cocomaya, buy some pastries and walk up to Starbucks for coffee (about a 2-3 min walk).  Cocomaya isn’t a great place for us all to sit together post-run but this Starbucks will be perfect!  They say it’s the largest Starbucks in London.  The route heads out the canal west towards Notting Hill.  We’ll exit the canal and run south along Great Western Rd then continue south on Chepstow Rd. and Pembridge Villas to reach the Notting Hill tube station.  From there, we’ll run down Kensington Church Street, cross over Kensington High St. and continue south along Wrights Ln and Marloes Rd. to Cromwell.  We’ll take a nice little short-cut over to Earl’s Ct. Rd. then run through the Brompton Cemetery exiting onto Fulham Rd.  Cocomaya is near the intersection of Brompton and Fulham Rd.  If you want to shorten this route, there are transport options every mile or so.  If you want to lengthen this route, consider running back to SJW from Brompton Rd.  If you are going to do the full loop (about 10 miles), I would suggest NOT stopping at Cocomaya and eating pastries then carrying on with your run.  Aren’t you glad you have a trainer giving you all of this well-informed advice????

Thursday, 2 May
Hello Ex-beginners,  Please let me know whether or not you want to continue running on Thursdays.  I know some of this group wants to move over to MWF beginning this week.  I am happy to join you for a run on 2 May and 9 May if you want to keep running on Thursdays.  Let me know what you’re thinking about which days you’ll be running and if you want a Thursday run, let me know how far you want to run (then I’ll come up with a good route).

Friday, 3 May
On Friday, several of our ex-beginner runners will be joining us for this run so I’ll go through the main routes for them:
The Heath – old route (8 miles) – It’s hard to give directions as most of this run is in the heath.  The route is on the map to the left but you’ll probably need to follow other runners if you don’t know the way. 
The Heath – western route (8 miles) – This route is even prettier than the old route but to me it seems a bit harder.  We head into Golders Hill Park and the western side of the heath instead of running in the Parliament Hill area.  It’s gorgeous.  If I’m able to run on Friday, I’ll be doing this route.
The Darcy route (6-7 miles) – We probably need to quit calling this one the Darcy route because she rarely does it anymore.  If you need details about the route, Darcy can explain it to you.
The Betsy route (5 miles) – Betsy is out of town but this is the route she was doing in the fall.  It’s lovely.  Ex-beginners - this is basically what we did together last Thursday (see map to the right).
Hampstead tube station (4 miles) – This is a great route to do if you’re short on time or are new to running “the hill”.  Head up to the Hampstead tube station with the group then turn around and head back home.  That’s it!
            Happy Running,                                                                                      

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On Wednesday, we ran to the Happening Bagel Bakery in Finsbury.  It was great.  They were actually making bagels right there in the shop. 

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