Expert Help

We can give you our personal, non-professional opinions on training, race preparation and nutrition but you may be better served by seeking professional expertise!   Over the years, we’ve developed a network of experts who are much smarter than we are!!!!  Please be assured you are free to see whomever you want – these contacts are specialists with whom we have had very positive experiences.  For those of you unfamiliar with fitness/health experts, explanations of each service are given below. 

Functional movement analysis
Functional movement analysis is usually preventive, somewhat like gait analysis.

    Christian Hyslop
        mobile:    07970939797
        email:      [email protected]

Physio treatment
Usually athletes see a physio for injury treatment or for general “maintenance”.

Victor St. Ange
At Hara Health and Therapy Centre, 231 Finchley Rd, NW3 6LS (between the O2 Centre and Finchley tube)  £47 per half hour
for appts:     020 7443 9272
        email:           [email protected],  [email protected]

APPI – for physio treatment (Glenn Withers or any of his team)
(for appts.)    0845 370 2774 or 020 7624 5314
                NOTE – 15% discount for WRW members

Osteopath treatment
Osteopaths are very helpful with underlying structure/bone/joint issues – they do realignments among other treatments.

Christian Antonee – Click here for Clinic Website
07715 433 931
[email protected]

   Gavin Burt – Click here for Clinic Website
        (for appts)   020 7284 4664

    Jovan Djurovic
(for appts)   020 7487 5244

Byron Spiers and Matt Turner
54 Abbey Gardens, St John’s Wood, London NW8 9AT


Sports massage
Sports massage is good for injury prevention, rebalancing the musculoskeletal system, loosening tight muscles to reduce stress on joints, improving circulation therefore increasing oxygen and nutrient availability and removal of toxin build up, breaking down adhesions and scar tissue that are formed from the repetitive nature of running.

APPI – for sports massage (Tracey Tofts; Mon 8am-9pm, Wed 4-9pm, Th 2-9pm)
APPI Hampstead
2B Heath Hurst Road
0207 794 6560
       [email protected]
        NOTE – 15% discount for WRW members

Suki Carpenter
White Willow Holistic Beaty at Essensuals
15 Harben Parade, Finchley Road
London NW3 6JP
07747 806 418
        [email protected]

Soliman Laurence at St. John’s Osteopath
Providing sports massage and dry needling
54 Abbey Gardens, St John’s Wood, London NW8 9AT


Podiatry treatment/services (custom made orthotics)
Podiatrists work with feet problem and can make orthotics for you to put in your shoes.

   Anne-marie O’Conner at the Fortius Clinic
(for appts)   0845 853 1000
Anne-marie will evaluate your gait and determine whether or not you need orthotics.  If you need orthotics, she will make a mold of your feet and have the orthotics custom-made for you.

Weight management advice
    Anne-marie O’Connell
(mobile)   07931796185
(email)     [email protected]

Personal training and classes
     APPI – Pilates for Runners classes Click here

    Christian Hyslop
(mobile)    07970939797
(email)      [email protected]
        Christian offers powerbag and other exercises classes and training (see Offers page).

   Joel Proskewitz, owner of Performance 18 personal training studio
       (email)   [email protected]
       (phone)  07726 844 183

NOTE: This information is compiled from opinions and thoughts of our fellow runners and should not be construed as expert advice.  Every runner should assess her own running goals and the appropriate training method to achieve those goals, including seeking professional advice as appropriate.