Spring Half

Preparing for the race We have prepared several different training plans, depending on your goals for the race. As the months go by, we will do everything we can to help you prepare for the race.  If you want to run the race solo, that’s fine.  If you want to run with a buddy or … Continue reading Spring Half

Ease Back Into Training

We are trying something new this year – a self-run group for women who can run a little, or have run in the past, and are interested in a slow ramp-up in mileage and speed.  This group is for you if you: Can run even one mile slowly Have run a few miles in the past … Continue reading Ease Back Into Training

Other Training Plans

Royal Parks Windsor Amsterdam etc.   NOTE: This information is compiled from opinions and thoughts of our fellow runners and should not be construed as expert advice.  Every runner should assess her own running goals and the appropriate training method to achieve those goals, including seeking professional advice as appropriate.


Stretching To keep your muscles from aching and prevent injury, it is very important to stretch after your run as well as doing dynamic stretching before your run.  Here are some suggestions to get you started: Warm Up Exercises: Stretches courtesy of NHS: A short video demonstrating stretches (note – in Portuguese): Tips from … Continue reading Tips/FAQ

Expert Help

We can give you our personal, non-professional opinions on training, race preparation and nutrition but you may be better served by seeking professional expertise!   Over the years, we’ve developed a network of experts who are much smarter than we are!!!!  Please be assured you are free to see whomever you want – these contacts … Continue reading Expert Help

Other Races

Below are links to some upcoming races either in London or being coordinated by WRW members.  Sign up and talk your running buddies into joining you.  Let us know if we can help you figure out how to get ready for these events. REGENTS PARK 10K There is a 10k race every month in Regents … Continue reading Other Races