How It Works

Runners meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the St. John’s Wood Church Gardens at 8:20 am. Weekly emails are sent out September through June with suggested routes.  Click here to request to be added to the email list.

There is no official registration and no fee to run with the group – just show up and introduce yourself!  Unfortunately, no dogs or strollers are allowed (sorry!).  We organize a half-marathon trip every spring that any WRW runner is welcome to join but there is no obligation to join or run the mileage required for that trip.

We have runners with many different paces ranging from 8 min/mile to 13+ min/mile for average runs.  We generally organize into pace groups for the run.  If you are not sure where you fall just ask and we can help.

Routes in the fall are generally between 3 and 9 miles.  We try to do routes that allow for varying lengths depending on what you want.  Beginning early in the calendar year, we start to focus on training for the spring half marathon so routes tend to be a bit longer.

Under the Training menu, you’ll find a couple of plans for half-marathon training. One is a standard program and the other is a more gradual build of mileage. Take your pick or email us if you feel that none of those programs will work for you. Once you have your program, check the mileage suggested for the week, then look at the routes and decide what you want to do. The idea is that if you have a program to follow, and if we lay out the route descriptions (which we try design to meet the distance requirements of different programs), then everyone will find a way to make it work.

A beginner group runs Tuesday and Thursday with the program beginning in September.   Click here to request more information on the beginner group.