30 May – 3 June 2016 Running Info

Sights of London, 25 May 2016

Sights of London, 25 May 2016

I want to thank each of you for helping to make this year at WRW a success! Thanks to everyone who came out for our Sights of London run and also to everyone who was able to join us at coffee afterwards. A huge THANK YOU to Laura Smith and Chris Roberts for organising the Leavers Coffee. What a great morning – except that we’re going to miss all our leavers so much! (Nancy says we need a new name for “Leavers” – maybe next year it will be the WRW Graduation Coffee?!)

Thanks to everyone who joined our run to the West Heath on Friday. It was fun to explore a new and beautiful area of the Heath and get happily lost a few times. We’ll work on coming up with a “simple” route so that the West Heath can be one of our standard Friday runs.

Monday is a Bank Holiday so we’ll meet at Barclays for a bit later start at 8:30. Wednesday we’re running to The Wall and Friday we’re doing our last run to Borough Market (or you can do the Heath if you prefer.)

Save the Date – Monday June 6 Adventure run – Richmond to Hampton Court Palace
We’re trying something new! We’re taking the train to a beautiful destination, running and then taking the train home. This means the morning run will take more time because there are two train trips. I know it is a busy time of year. If you can’t join this time, don’t worry. This is a bit of a test and if it goes well, we’ll plan to add some similar types of runs throughout the year next year. If you’re planning to attend, please email [email protected] so we know to look out for you at the station.

Here’s the plan: We will meet at the Finchley Road and Frognal Overground Station at 8:30 for the 8:37 train to Richmond. We will arrive in Richmond by 9:15 to start our run. (You can take a bus up Finchley Road to the station or take the tube to Finchley Road, turn left and walk up to the Overground Station.) When we arrive in Richmond we’ll run along the Thames all the way to Hampton Court Palace. The run is approximately 8 miles. We’ll take the train back to London from the Hampton Court train station. The train runs every 30 minutes, at 24 and 54 past the hour.

Save the Date – Upcoming runs
Wednesday June 1 – The Wall
Friday June 3 – Borough Market
Mon June 6 – Hampton Court Palace (more details above) or Big Ben
Wed June 8 – Last official run of the year – Regents Park 4 miles

AND…Monday June 13 WRW evening social with spouses (more details to follow)

Summer running in London
We’re nearing the end of our official WRW year, but we’ll still be running over the summer! If you’re in town, plan to meet at Barclays at 8:30 on MWF and the group will decide on the route that day. We tend to have a small group that runs most weeks, especially in June and early July. It just depends on who is in town. Darcy Fautz ([email protected]) has volunteered to be a contact point for the summer, so please email her if you’re planning to run or if you want to check and see if anyone else is running.

Keep running,



Monday 30 May – Bank Holiday
No scheduled run.  Anyone interested in a run can meet at Barclay’s at 8:30 am and decide on a route.

Wednesday 1 June  –  The Wall (6 miles)
We head down towards Regents Park, then enter the canal at the Charlbert entrance and run east [left] cutting through Camden Lock Market until we run out of canal path at Islington and hit “The Wall.”  [Don’t forget to touch The Wall or else your run doesn’t count 🙂 ].  At The Wall, we turn around and head back to St. John’s Wood.  This is a great route to do a tempo run because there are no traffic lights.  But please be careful and aware of the bikes on the path.


Friday 3 June – Borough Market via Westminster Bridge (6 miles)
We head to Hyde Park via the usual route. Start heading west on Circus Road and turn left on Grove End and follow south as it becomes Lisson Grove. Cross over Marylebone Road and continue on Seymour Place until the end. Turn right and cross over Edgware Road and then left to enter Hyde Park at the intersection with Stanhope Place. Run along the eastern edge of the park to Hyde Park Corner, under Wellington Arch and down Constitution Hill. Run past the Victoria Memorial, down the mall and enter St. James Park. Run over the pond and out of the park, turning left onto Birdcage Walk and down into Parliament Square to Big Ben. Continue past Big Ben and cross Westminster Bridge. After the bridge turn left to run along the Thames until the river path ends after Southwark Bridge. Borough Market is under the railway bridge near the London Bridge station. The official address is 8 Southwark Street SE1 1TL.

Borough Market via Westminster Bridge 6 miles

23 – 27 May 2016 Running Info

Hi Everyone,
I finished jury duty – yippee! I’m very glad to be back running with you. Thanks to all the runners who went to see the Queen last Wednesday – what fun! A real London moment. We’ll make sure to include this run in our spring plan for next year. On Monday we’re heading to Brick Lane and the London landmark Beigel Bake. Wednesday is our famous Sights of London run followed by the coffee to celebrate the runners who are leaving London. More details are below. Friday we’re back up the hill. We may explore a new Western Heath route for anyone that is interested. The only thing we can promise is that we will get lost a few times!
Wednesday 25 May – Sights of London run and Leavers Coffee
This is a great run!  Even if you haven’t run in a little while – come along!  We run as a (BIG!) group and we wait for everyone at the lights so we can stick together.  (If we get separated we’ll wait for everyone at the photo points.)  The total distance is 4-5 miles and we stop often.
We’ll stop for group pictures at:
– Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner
– Buckingham Palace
– Big Ben
– Trafalgar Square (maybe)
Depending on the timing, we’ll either take the tube back to St. John’s Wood from Westminster or Trafalgar Square. We’ll walk to the Richoux cafe at 3 Circus Road, NW8 6NX. (We’ll be in the upstairs room at Richoux.) If you can’t run for any reason, please still come for coffee. I expect we’ll be there around 10 am. Unfortunately we have many runners leaving London this year!  So take a minute to come and say good-bye. We’re going to miss them so much!
Collecting names for next year’s beginner group
If you have any friends that are interested in being part of the beginner group for next year, please tell them to email [email protected].
Save the Date – 13 June evening event!
We’re planning on an evening gathering with spouses on Monday 13 June. More details to follow.
2017 Race
We’re searching for our race destination for next year. We won’t make an official announcement until the fall, but we already know that the race will be earlier in the year, probably March or the first week in April. The ASL spring break and Easter holiday is much later next year so it will be impossible for us to do the race after the break. This may be another reason to keep up your running over the summer!
Keep running,


Monday, 23 May – Brick Lane via Canal, Kingsland Road exit (6.25 miles)

This is a fun and funky destination run!  We will head out in the same way as though we are running to The Wall. Take the Canal east to the Wall—go up the ramp to Muriel Street, take a right and then an almost immediate left up a path that winds between the apartment buildings. Here’s the entrance to the path:


Keep going straight on the path and it will become Maygood Street. When you get to the intersection of a main road (Barnsbury Road) turn right.  Run until you make the second left onto Chapel Market. (There is a metal archway saying Chapel Market and a zebra crossing at the intersection.) Follow Chapel Market until the end. Turn right at Liverpool Street to the major road Upper Street. Cross Upper Street and turn left, then make your first right at Duncan Street. Follow Duncan Street to the end and there will be an entrance to the canal directly in front of you. At the canal path continue running straight, the water will be on your right. Follow the canal until you reach the Kingsland Road Bridge, Number 45. See the photo below.

Run under the bridge and take the brick steps up on your left, see photo below. 


At the top of the stairs turn left and at the main road, Kingsland Road, turn left.  (You’ll be running back over the canal.) Follow Kingsland Road, you’ll see the Gherkin building in the distance in front of you. (Kingsland Road will become Shoreditch High Street.) Turn left at Bethnal Green Road. There will be a white metal railroad bridge in front of you and the BOXPARK market will be on your right once you turn. You’ll also pass the Shoreditch High Street Overground Station on your right. Follow Bethnal Green Road until you hit Brick Lane, less than a quarter of a mile. There is a Casa Blue cafe at the corner, turn right onto Brick Lane and you’ll see Beigel Bake and Brick Lane Coffee on the right. They are FUNKY so bring your cool attitudes! For the journey home, you can take the Shoreditch High Street Overground to Canada Water and then take the Jubilee Line home. Or you can walk through Spitalfields Market to get to the Liverpool Street tube station.



Wednesday, 25 May – Sights of London (4.6 miles)
 This is one of our traditional, end of the season runs.  We will start out the usual way to Hyde Park, where will stop at Speaker’s Corner for a photo.  We’ll then continue on along the eastern edge of the park to Hyde Park Corner, where we will cross towards and run through Wellington Arch then run down Constitution Hill to Buckingham Palace, where we will gather again for another photo. Then, we’ll run down The Mall and cross through St James Park to Birdcage Walk and on into Parliament Square, where we’ll take another photo in front of Big Ben. Finally, we’ll head down Whitehall through Admiralty Arch into Trafalgar Square, where we’ll take one last photo and then hop on the tube – Bakerloo, then a transfer to Jubilee at Baker Street – and head to Richoux for the farewell coffee.

Friday, 27 May – Hampstead Heath Routes
Something for everyone!

5 miles: The Betsy Route

6-7miles:  The partial Heath route

7.5 miles: The Highgate route

8 miles:  The full Heath route
Click here for maps of all of the Heath routes.

16 – 20 May 2016 Running Info

Hi Everyone,
I hope you had a good week of running. I’ve missed you very much! As part of my Jury Duty I was put on a trial so I’ve been in court all week. There’s nothing like being prevented from running to make you want to run! I’m really hoping that the trial ends ASAP, but at the moment I’m back in court next week. Cross fingers that I’ll be running with you very soon!

We have some great routes planned for this week. On Monday we head through Hyde Park to Sloane Square and then to the Embankment. The weather looks great at this point for a Monday run along the beautiful Thames. You can stop at the Westminster Tube for a 6-mile route or continue to Green Park for 7 miles. (If you prefer a short run, you could also take the Tube from Sloane Square for about 3.75 miles.) Wednesday we have two options. You can meet at 9:45 for the group going to watch the Queen’s Procession (more below) or meet at the normal time for the Kensal Rise route. Friday we’re going to Happening Bagel through Highgate and the Greenway. I know it’s busy at this time of year, but come join us!

Going to see the Queen!
Wednesday is the State Opening of Parliament, which begins with the Queen’s procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster escorted by the Household Cavalry. We have a group meeting at Barclays at 9:45am to run down to the Palace to watch the procession. We’ll follow our standard “Big Ben” route until we find a good place to watch. The procession begins around 11:00 but we should plan to be in place around 10:30, she arrives at the Houses of Parliament at 11:15 so there’ll be a bit of waiting around and dealing with the crowds, but the group that went last year were able to see the Queen and all the magnificent procession that precedes her arrival. A London adventure! Last year we had a relatively small group so we decided to stick together and we waited for each other along the route. If we have a large group that might be more difficult to do. Here are a few tips from last year in case I’m not there. When we got to Buckingham Palace there were huge crowds along the gates. Don’t be tempted to stop here. Keep going along the gates where we usually run and cross the Mall as we usually do when we run to Big Ben. (If they don’t let you cross, you could run along the Mall on the other side.) Run along the Mall until you find a good place to watch. We found an empty spot along the Mall and were able to stand in the front row. Here is a link to the route for the procession

Tuesday AM Strength Training for Runners
Toni Franz wanted to share some information about a local strength training class for runners at Primrose Hill that she has been doing this year. She found it very helpful for her running and contributed to a huge improvement in her half-marathon time in Nice. The information flyer is below or if you have any questions you can email Toni at [email protected].

HIT class.jpg
Save the Date
Mon May 23 – Brick Lane – Beigel Bake
Wed May 25 – Sights of London and Leaver’s Coffee
Friday June 3 – Borough Market
Mon June 6 – Adventure Run (more details to follow) or Big Ben
Wed June 8 – Last official run of the year

That’s all for now!
Keep running,


Monday 16 May – Sloane Sq/Westminster/Green Park–3.75 to 7/10 miles Your choice!

Today’s routes are fun because you can pick whichever distance suits you–in this case one size can fit all!

Everybody starts out to Hyde Park, taking the usual route: west on Circus Road, left on Grove End, all the way down to Seymour Place where the road ends. Right on Seymour, across Edgware, left on Stanhope and enter the park. At the silver orb, turn left and run down to the southern edge, following the path to the right before it leaves the Park. Run to big gated exit before the tall ‘One Hyde Park’ complex, cross over Knightsbridge at William Street, quick right on Knightsbridge then a right onto Sloane Street.

3.75’ers: at Sloane Sq, take the Tube home!

6.33’ers: continue past Sloane Sq down Lower Sloane St/Chelsea Bridge Road to the Thames. Turn left on the Thames side of Grosvenor Rd and run along the embankment to Westminster Tube–you’re done!

7+’ers: continue left on Birdcage Walk, cutting through St James Park to the Mall, then left on the Mall towards Buckingham Palace, crossing before the circle to reach Green Park. Run up to the Green Park Tube on Piccadilly St and head home!

10 milers: for anyone needing a longer run today, continue past Green Park Tube, through Mayfair to Baker Street and head to SJW Starbucks–this will give you almost 10 miles.

Wednesday 18 May


1. OPTION 1: Chasing after the Queen by heading to Big Ben (4 miles) LATER START TIME at 9:45!!!

Big Ben 4 miles:
Remember we’ll meet at 9:45 at Barclays to head down to Westminster to see the Queen’s procession. We’ll follow the regular Big Ben route until we find a good place to watch. For this run we head to Hyde Park via the usual route and run along the eastern edge of the park to Hyde Park Corner, under Wellington Arch and down Constitution Hill. Run pass the Victoria Memorial down the mall and enter St. James Park. Run over the pond and out of the park, turning left onto Birdcage Walk and down into Parliament Square to Big Ben. Depending where we stop, we’ll take the tube home from Green Park or Westminster.

2. OPTION 2: Kensal Rise (4-5+ miles). NORMAL 8:15 START TIME!!!

If you prefer not to head into Central London for the Opening of Parliament ceremonies, then Kensal Rise is a good alternative run.

The beginning of this run takes us along the canal to the west. Please be aware of bikes along the canal and move into single file whenever you hear a ‘bike!’ shout.

Start out heading west on Circus Road, turn left on Grove End to St John’s Wood Road and go west, turning left on Cunningham then right on Aberdeen to work your way to the canal entrance on Bloomfield. Enter the canal heading west and run to the Ladbroke Grove exit. Here we turn right and run over the bridge along Chamberlayne Road to Harvist Road. Turn right on Harvist, which turns into Brondesbury Road, and take that to Kilburn High Road/Maida Vale. Turn right and follow Maida Vale to Hall Road where you turn left and run back to Starbucks. [Note, some ladies like to turn at Carlton Vale rather than Hall Road—your choice!] If you want to shorten this route, run west on the canal and turn back at your desired half-way point.
(The 1.8 mile mark is at the point on the canal when the Westway highway is over our heads.)

Friday 20 May – Happening Bagel via Highgate and Finsbury Greenbelt (7 miles)

For this run we start up Fitzjohn’s like we’re going to the Heath but pass the entrance and continue up Spaniards/Hampstead Lane to Highgate. At the very top of the hill bear right and run slightly downhill towards Highgate High Street. At the second circular intersection, cross the high street at the zebra crossing and go down Southwood Lane. At the bottom of the hill veer to the right onto Jackson’s Lane (which is a very narrow road). Continue down Jackson’s to Archway Road, cross the road and make a right, then a relatively quick left onto Holmesdale Road. Run a short distance on Holmesdale and the entrance to the Finsbury Greenbelt will be on your left. Follow the path until it ends, turn left, cross the bridge over the train tracks and enter Finsbury Park. Turn right and run along the western edge of the park until the entrance on Seven Sister’s Road. After we stretch we will head over the street to the Happening Bagel. Once we’ve bought our bagels we will cross back over the street to Costa for coffee and then take the tube home from the Finsbury Park Station.

9 – 13 May 2016 Running Info

Hi Everyone,
London summer has arrived! Friday was a glorious day to run to Borough Market. Hopefully the great weather will stick around for awhile.

This week we return to some of our old favourite routes to give our ex-beginners a chance to get familiar with them. Monday we’re going to Hyde Park and there are many options in terms of mileage. Wednesday we’re doing the Notting Hill route and Friday we’re back up the hill.

I’m looking at the calendar and it’s hard to believe we only have 5 more weeks of official routes before our summer holiday. I know this time of year is so busy, but try to give yourself a break from everyday stuff and schedule the time to run. We have some fun runs on the calendar, join us!

Save the Date
Mon May 16 – Sloane Square, Embankment, Westminster
Wed May 18 – Going to see the Queen (9:45 start) or Kensal Rise
Fri May 20 – Happening Bagel
Mon May 23 – Brick Lane – Beigel Bake
Wed May 25 – Sights of London and Leaver’s Coffee
Friday June 3 – Borough Market
Mon June 6 – Adventure Run (more details to follow) or Big Ben
Wed June 8 – Last official run of the year

Are you moving this summer?
If you’re moving this summer, or you have a good friend that is moving, can you let us know?  We want to make sure that we can properly recognise you at our Leavers Coffee on May 25. (We’ll miss you!)

Jury Duty!
I’ve been called for Jury Duty starting Monday. Ugh! I’m really hoping that my service is short and that I’ll be back running with you very soon. Remember to look out for each other, especially our ex-beginners.

Keep running,



Monday 9 May – Hyde Park (3 to 8 miles)

Click here for all of the Hyde Park interactive route maps

I think you all know this route by now.

Start:  Everybody starts the same way… head west on Circus Road, turn left on Grove End Road and follow south as it becomes Lisson Grove.  Cross over Marylebone Road and continue on Seymour Place until the end.  Turn right and cross over Edgware Road and then take the first left on Stanhope Place to enter Hyde Park at the intersection with Stanhope Place. Cross into the Park—you’ll see a silver orb just inside the Park.

3 Milers:  Continue south through Hyde Park, past the Serpentine and at the Carriage drive, make a left and head back toward Hyde ParkCorner.  Take the Hyde Park Corner tube home.

5 Milers:  At Hyde Park Corner continue back up/north on the carriage drive.  Exit the park at the Animals in War memorial and follow Upper Brook Street.  Turn left on Park Street which becomes Gloucester Place and then Park Road back to St. John’s Wood.

6 Milers: upon entering the park, turn right at the silver sphere and run until you meet N Carriage Road where you turn left.  Run down to the Serpentine, crossing over the bridge then left to run along the Serpentine. At the end of the Serpentine, turn left again and make your way to the eastern edge of the park before exiting at the Upper Brook St/Animals in War exit.  Continue along Upper Brook Street to Park Street, turn left, take it to Park Road and into SJW.

8 Milers: follow the 6 mile run but do not turn left at No Carriage Rd, instead cross over [this is tricky, be careful] and follow until you reach the large broadwalk where you turn left.  Run past Kensington Palace (on your right) and take a left to run along the southern edge of the parktowards Hyde Park Corner, then turn left on the eastern edge and exit at Upper Brook St/Animals in War exit as above.  Take Upper Brook Street to Park Street [left] to Park Road and home to SJW.

Wednesday 11 May – Notting Hill 4-6+miles

Keep your eyes open as this is often a celebrity spotting route!

Start out by heading west on Circus Road, turn left on Grove End to St John’s Wood Road and go west, working your way to the canal entrance on Blomfield.  Enter the canal and run to the Ladbroke Grove exit then run down Ladbroke Grove to Elgin Crescent and make a left.  Continue to Ledbury and go right and then left at Westbourne Grove.  Run down Westbourne Grove over Bishop’s Bridge and down the steps into Sheldon Square [across from Paddington Station].  Go back along the canal and out where you entered, then run back to Starbucks.

You also have the option of a shorter run by not getting off the canal. Run half the distance you want, turn around and head home. As a rule of thumb, the two mile mark is the Westway overpass.

Friday 13 May – The Heath (4-8 miles)
We run up the hill on Fridays–it’s tradition!

5 miles: The Betsy Route
6-7miles:  The partial Heath route
7.5 miles: The Highgate route
8 miles:  The full Heath route

Click here for maps of all of the Heath routes.