3 – 7 June 2013 Running Info…

First, a big shout out to Linda Dolan for baking delicious cupcakes for the birthday girls.  Nothing like a little sugar high after running the Heath.  Also, apologies to Alev for leaving her off the birthday list (11 July).

I’ll get the administrative tasks out of the way next:
1)  Don’t forget to RSVP to the Leavers’ Coffee Evite that was sent out last week.  If you can’t find it in your email, please let us know.
2) Please let Kelli Montanaro know if you are planning to join the group for the pub crawl next Friday, 7 June.  This is not going to be a pub run so no running gear is necessary (unless you want to track the distance between pubs on your Garmin…).

Summer Reading
Looking for a great read and a little running (and life) inspiration?  Jane highly recommends Born to Run:  The Hidden Tribe, the Ultra-Runners and the Greatest Race the World has Never Seen by Christopher McDougall.  Amazon describes it this way – “At the heart of Born to Run lies a mysterious tribe of Mexican Indians, the Tarahumara, who live quietly in canyons and are reputed to be the best distance runners in the world; in 1993, one of them, aged 57, came first in a prestigious 100-mile race wearing a toga and sandals. A small group of the world’s top ultra-runners (and the awe-inspiring author) make the treacherous journey into the canyons to try to learn the tribe’s secrets and then take them on over a course 50 miles long. With incredible energy and smart observation, McDougall tells this story while asking what the secrets are to being an incredible runner. Traveling to labs at Harvard, Nike, and elsewhere, he comes across an incredible cast of characters, including the woman who recently broke the world record for 100 miles and for her encore ran a 2:50 marathon in a bikini, pausing to down a beer at the 20 mile mark.”  The reviews say, “Hugely entertaining…one of the most joyful and engaging books about running to appear for many years.”

Health and Nutrition
We have two items in the health and nutrition corner this week.  First, from The New York Times:  OPINION: Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food  The piece discusses how much of our produce is relatively low in phytonutrients — compounds that may reduce the risk of many diseases.  Next, an article in Fitness Magazine on the Top 7 Foods for Runners.  Sunny comments, “The first 2 and actually all of them are just obvious healthy eating habits but I think the reasoning of how and why they help aide in running..be it energy or recovery is useful. (Especially berries! I never knew vitamin C helped recovery!)”

Finally, here is a link to an amusing list on The Guardian entitled Running Etiquette – the 10 Commandments.  You’ll probably find yourself, as I did, nodding in agreement with several of them.

See you next week,


Key Information:
Friday, 7 June – Sights of London run and Leavers’ Coffee at Richoux
Friday, 7 June – Pub run crawl, 7 pm, The Holly Bush, 22 Hollymount, Hampstead


Monday June 3 – Notting Hill (6.75 miles)
NottingHillThere is no Lower School today so we decided to stick with a simple local run for those who may have limited time.  Run out the canal to the west and exit at Ladbroke Grove.  Run to Elgin Crescent and make a left.  Continue to Ledbury and go right and then left at Westbourne Grove.  Run down Westbourne Grove over Bishop’s Bridge and down the steps into Sheldon Square.  Go back along the canal and out where you entered and back to Starbucks.

Wednesday June 5
You have two options for your run today as we try to squeeze in those last fun runs before everyone disappears for the summer.

Finsbury Park/Happening Bagel (6.8 miles)

Since we’re doing our “Sights of London” run on Friday, we head up the hill today (but not on our normal route) to Finsbury Park and the Happening Bagel Bakery.  (We can’t have a week without hills, right??)  The route goes up Fitzjohn’s, on to Highgate then across the Finsbury greenbelt to Finsbury Park.  We end at a fantastic bread/bagel shop and Costa for coffee.  Bring your tube card for the trip home.  The hill in the first part of the run is a good work-out but the payoff is running through the greenbelt.

happeningbagelrun7miWe head up the Fitzjohn’s hill to the top but instead of turning into the Heath, we follow the road (which becomes Hampstead Lane) all the way around the top of the Heath until we enter Highgate.  We turn left of Southwood Lane and then right on Jackson’s Lane.  We cross over Archway road.  The entrance to the greenbelt is a bit tricky to find, so make sure to stick with a runner who knows the route.  (We promise to look out for those of you who are new to the route!)  At the end of the greenbelt, we enter Finsbury Park, turn right to head toward the Finsbury Park tube station and the Happening Bagel Bakery.  (You have to admit that is a great name!)

Turkish Coffee (5 miles)

Betsy and Alev will be leading a group to a Turkish coffee shop near Piccadilly Circus.  The group will run to Hyde Park, follow the eastern side of the park to Hyde Park Corner then continue on the south side of Green Park, pass Buckingham Palace and go through St James Park to reach Big Ben.  Continue up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square, then up Haymarket to Piccadilly Circus, turn left onto Piccadilly and end at a wonderful Turkish coffee shop, Kahve Dunyasi.  If you would like to join this group, look for Betsy or Alev on Wednesday.

Friday June 7 – Sights of London (7.5 miles) and Leavers’ Coffee

We’ll be doing our “Sights of London” run all over town.  We stop in front of the iconic locations for photos.  Instead of running with a dozen cameras, it would be great if we had only a few cameras and someone would agree to make the photos available to everyone.  Any volunteers???  The entire route will be something around 7.5 miles with options to shorten or lengthen the route.  The pace for the run is wide open – come-one-come-all – seriously!!!  Because we’re stopping so often for photos, there is plenty of time for people to catch up.  (I borrowed those words from Paula’s email last year – could you hear her enthusiasm?  PLEASE JOIN US – It will be fun!)

We start out down Circus Road to Lisson Grove/Seymour Place to Hyde Park.  We continue through Hyde Park and Green Park stopping to wave to the Queen at Buckingham Palace.  On to St. James Park and Big Ben.  Then we head up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square and then up Haymarket to Piccadilly Circus.  Next up Regent Street/Portland Place and through Regents Park to end up back in St. John’s Wood for our Leavers’ Coffee at Richoux.


Facebook Group:  Women Running The World (request to join)
Email: [email protected]

24 27 31 May Running Info…




Congratulations to all of the WRW ladies who ran the Nike 10K last Saturday.  It sounds like it was a blast, especially with the prosecco at the end!  And so great that many ex-beginners were out there.  You guys are hooked now!

We managed to survive our first full week without Paula AND the first week of Starbucks’ renovation closure.  At least we got to see Jude at the Maida Vale Starbucks on Wednesday.  Hopefully their renovation is on schedule and they will be back open by Friday.

First piece of business – did anyone lose her pink Bratislava hat?  Cai Cai found one at ASL, so if you’re missing yours, let us know and we’ll get you reunited.

We are celebrating all the May and Summer birthdays on Friday after the run.  Head to Starbucks for some yummy cupcakes after the hill to celebrate with all the birthday girls.   

  1. Kathy Schlageter – 7 May

  2. Trish Willoughby – 8 May

  3. Trish Striglos – 12 May

  4. Amy Grace – 26 May

  5. Patricia Shelton –  10 June

  6. Kate Collins – 3 July

  7. Jen Cohen – 4 July

  8. Randa Kablawi – 18 July

  9. Darcy Fautz – 26 July

  10. Dee Gee – 5 August

  11. Carol Campili – 7 August

  12. Lisa Noel – 7 August

  13. Darcy Sockwell – 9 August

  14. Kelli Montanaro – 13 August

  15. Nairy McMahon – 19 August

  16. Diane Bell – 21 August

  17. Shan McClure – 28 August

As I mentioned last week, we will be doing our annual Sights of London run, followed by the Leavers’ Coffee on Friday, 7 June.  Look for an Evite in your email.  Please take the time to RSVP so we have an accurate head count.  We are asking for a £10 contribution to cover the cost of the coffee.

Also on Friday the 7th of June, we will have our last pub night of the year.  Grab your spouse/partner and join us on a tour of some of the finer pubs in Hampstead.  We will begin our night at The Holly Bush at 7:00.  *We are making a modification – it will not be a run, but a crawl.  No running gear necessary.  🙂

Please rsvp to: [email protected] if you plan on attending.

Patricia’s contribution for the week is not as much nutrition as health, but given all the running in the sun our group is likely to do in the next few months (as long as we aren’t in London anyway), this might be a good alternative for people who fear sunscreen as much as they do sunburn.  This article talks about the essential oils that naturally protect your skin and then gives a recipe to make your own sunscreen with just three or so ingredients and a practical and easy way to do it.

  1. DIY Homemade Natural and Safe Sunscreen

  2. http://www.organicauthority.com/delicious-beauty/diy-homemade-natural-and-safe-sunscreen.html  (via Organic Authority)

Finally, if you want to have the week’s maps on your phone, you should be able click on the maps and bookmark them to your own MapMyRun account.  Then you can tell it you want to run that route and it will show you the way.

Have a great long weekend!


Key Information:

Friday, 31 May – Birthday cupcakes

Friday, 7 June – Sights of London run and Leavers’ Coffee

Friday, 7 June – Pub run

Click here for the web version of this email.

Congratulations to all the WRW women who ran the Nike 10K!  We need more races where they serve prosecco at the finish…

27-31 May Running Info…

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday:  The Heath!

Everyone heads up Fitzjohn’s Avenue to the Heath – pick a route to suit your needs. Everybody ends up down the hill at Starbucks.  First ones back, grab the tables!

Click here for all of the Heath routes.


Facebook Group:  Women Running The World (request to join)

Email: [email protected]


Monday:  Hyde Park – 5, 6 or 8 miles

Since Monday is a Bank Holiday, we’re going to keep it simple and go with an oldie but a goodie – Hyde Park.  Meeting time will still be 8:15. 

For 8 miles, run to Hyde Park via Lisson Grove, enter the park and make a right.  Follow around the full perimeter of the park and exit park at Upper Brook Street and run to Starbucks via Gloucester Road.  

For 6 miles, head into the park and turn right along N. Carriage until you reach West Carriage and run until you cross over the Serpentine.  Run alongside the water and cross back over the water near the cafe. Run Diagonally back toward the east side of the park and exit at Upper Brook Street.  Take Gloucester Road back to Starbucks.

For 5 miles, head straight when we cross into the park and run all the way to the edge of the Serpentine where you turn left and run to the Wellington Arch corner. From here you follow the path northwards until the animal war memorial exit and head up Gloucester Road back to SJW.

Interactive maps to all Hyde Park routes are located here.

Wednesday – Borough Market – ~ 6 miles

Let’s mix it up with a destination run on Wednesday to Borough Market.  The market won’t be open, but we can grab coffee at Monmouth before catching the tube back to SJW.  Don’t forget your Oyster!

This route starts us out through Regent’s Park to push the mileage closer to 6 miles.  After the park, head down Marylebone High Street to Oxford, over to Regent St and down past Trafalgar Square and onto Northumberland.  Cross the river (Hungerford Bridge) and turn left to run along the river.  You’ll run about a mile, passing the Millennium Bridge.  Just past Southwark Bridge, head right to go into a short tunnel that puts you onto Clink Street.  Make a right on Stoney Street to get to Monmouth.

If you want a shorter run, you can stop at Charing Cross, which is about 4 miles.


17 20 24 May Running Info…


Hello everyone,

Clearly we need to assign someone in this group to work on fixing the weather here in London.  With temperatures making it feel more like February than May, something must be done.  Hopefully next week will be a warmer, and drier, one.

This week, we are trying out our new Gmail – [email protected].  You can use that email to give feedback or ask questions.

Kelli is organizing a final pub run on Friday night, 7 June.  Grab your husbands and/or friends and join us for a fun evening of drinking, socializing, and just a little running.  More details to follow.

Finally, Patricia came across this new book that could be interesting – Feed Zone Portables:  A Cookbook of On-the-Go Food for Athletes.

  1. When Dr. Allen Lim left the lab to work with professional cyclists, he found athletes weary of processed bars and gels and the same old pasta. So Lim joined professional chef Biju Thomas to make eating delicious and practical. When the menu changed, no one could argue with the race results. Their groundbreaking Feed Zone Cookbook brought the favorite recipes of the pros to everyday athletes.

  1. In their new cookbook Feed Zone Portables, Chef Biju and Dr. Lim offer 75 all-new portable food recipes for cyclists, runners, triathletes, mountain bikers, climbers, hikers, and backpackers. Each real food recipe is simple, delicious during exercise, easy to make—and ready to go on your next ride, run, climb, hike, road trip, or sporting event.

  2. Feed Zone Portables expands on the most popular features of The Feed Zone Cookbook with more quick and easy recipes for athletes, beautiful full-color photographs of every dish, complete nutrition data, tips on why these are the best foods for athletes, and time-saving ways on how to cook real food every day.

  3. In his introduction to Feed Zone Portables, Dr. Lim makes the case for real food as a more easily digestible, higher-performance source of energy than prepackaged fuel products. He shows how much athletes really need to eat and drink at different exercise intensities and in cold or hot weather. Because the body burns solid and liquid foods differently, Lim defines a new approach for athletes to drink for hydration and eat real food for energy.

Here are the routes for next week – I hope to see you all out running!


Key Information:

Friday, 7 June – Sights of London run and Leavers’ Coffee (please let us know if you are moving)

Friday, 7 June – Pub run

Click here for the web version.


The gang gathers for Paula’s farewell run.

20-24 May Running Info…

Friday, May 17, 2013


Monday:  7.1 miles: Canal East to Camden and Regents Park Loops:


Run east on St John’s Wood Terrace, to Charlbert and turn right.  Cross Prince Albert Road and take ramp down to Canal—run East [left].  Run to Camden Lock, exit Canal path and turn right on Camden High Street.  Continue past Camden Tube and stay to right on Camden High Street as it changes names to Hampstead Road.  Run to Euston and take a right, then right again on Park Square East to arrive at Regents Park.  Left along Outer Circle to York Bridge, then right and run the Inner Circle, returning to Outer Circle and continue around the Park, past London Zoo to The Broadwalk.  Left at the crosswalk to Prince Albert road, run along Prince Albert Road to St. John’s Wood High Street, turn right and head to Starbucks.




Wednesday:  6.25 miles  Canal West to Kilburn:


Run west from Starbucks to Grove End Road, turn left to St. John’s Wood Road, cross intersection and head right to Cunningham Place, go left.  Carry on along Blomfeld Road and enter Canal Path.  Continue on Canal for approx. 2 miles and exit Ladbroke Grove.  Turn right and cross bridge.  Continue on Ladbroke Grove until Harvist Road and turn right.  Continue past Queens Park until Kilburn High Road, turn right.  Run to Carlton Hill, turn left, then right on Hamilton Terrace.  Continue to Hall Road, turn left and end at Starbucks.




Friday:  The Heath!

Everyone heads up Fitzjohn’s Avenue to the Heath for the Eastern route [enter off Spaniards Inn Road]:  8 miles.  Or, grab a buddy and try a shorter route to suit your needs. Everybody ends up down the hill at Starbucks.  First ones back, grab the tables!

Click here for all of the Heath routes.


Facebook Group:  Women Running The World

Email: [email protected]







10 13 17 May Running Info…


Hello Runners,

Welcome to the newly formed, coordinated group format for Women Running the World.  Please be patient as we work out the kinks and find our stride.  It’s not easy replacing Paula, even with a team of people.  

Please check out your website, https://womenrunningtheworld.commm/Women_Running_the_World/home.html.  Amy Grace is making a few changes and has updated the races section with information on all the events we currently have women registered for along with contact names and links.  There are also training programs for the Windsor, Ealing and San Antonio half marathons on the site.  As always, keep us informed if you sign up for a new race and are looking for company.   

As you will see below, we’re simplifying the weekly runs to just MWF.  It’s inevitable that we’ll break into groups by pace, but our goal is for everyone to have at least one buddy.  Without Paula, we all need to look out for each other and to know where we’re going.  Our route planning girls are Jennifer Cohen, Kathy McMahon, Darcy Fautz and Jane Novak.  In the fall, we’ll try and incorporate the half marathon training runs into the weekly schedule.  If you want input or have feedback, please let me know.  It’s important the runs to work for everyone.  

Chris Roberts is working on a half marathon trip.  We’ll announce the location in the fall; but I can assure you, it’s going to be fantastic.  Kelli Montanaro is going to continue as ‘social chair’, managing the monthly birthday celebration, pub runs, and t-shirts.  Sadly, her first job is organizing the ‘Leavers Coffee’ which will be on June 7 after our traditional ‘sights of London’ goodbye run.  Please put it in your calendar and let me know if you’re moving.  

Patricia Shelton and Sunny Brenneman are going to provide occasional nutrition and/or fueling information, starting with today:

There is an Allergy and Free From Show in Olympia London on Hammersmith Road the week of June 7-9.  (Tickets are £7.50 for adults and free for kids).  In addition, as part of that show is the Veggie Good Food Show (these tickets are free!).  Here is the link to the home page for the London show 


It might be fun to check out all the vendors there whether you and/or a family member have allergies, intolerances, sensitivities, what have you… or are Vegetarian, Vegan, Flexitarian, Omnivore, Carnivore :), Lacto-Ovo Vegatarian, whatever!  There are likely to be some great food samples to try and you might just learn something new about food and your body!

Most importantly, Syma is going to head up the beginners group.  Please send her names of friends who are complete newbies to running to [email protected].  Also, as you meet new people who are interested in joining WRW, forward their e-mails to me so I can add them to our distribution list.

I want to thank so many of you who have offered to help.  We will be contacting you as we sort out our needs.  Of course, if you have an idea, please, please don’t hesitate to write or call me.  

Lastly, as a final farewell to Paula, enjoy the photo at the top showing how she finally succumbed to peer pressure and became a true dog loving Brit.

Happy Running and Cheers,


Monday Routes

Hyde Park (6-8 miles). For 8 miles, run to Hyde Park via Lisson Grove, enter the park and make a right.  Follow around the full perimeter of the park and exit park at Upper Brook Street and run to Starbucks via Baker or Gloucester.


If you want to run 6 miles head into the park and turn right along N. Carriage until you reach West Carriage and run until you cross over the Serpentine.  Run alongside the water and cross back over the water near the cafe. Run Diagonally back toward the east side of the park and exit at Upper Brook Street.  Take Baker or Gloucester back to Starbucks.

Wednesday Route

Notting Hill (6.75).  Run out the canal to the west and exit at Ladbroke Grove.  Run to Elgin Crescent and make a left.  Continue to Ledbury and go right and then left at Westbourne Grove.  Run down Westbourne Grove over Bishop’s Bridge and down the steps into Sheldon Square.  Go back along the canal and out where you entered and back to Starbucks.


Everyone goes up the hill to the Heath.  Pick your own distance. Enjoy!

Go here for the various Hampstead Heath routes.


Paula finally succumbs to peer pressure to become a true, dog-loving Brit!

13-17 May Running Info…

Friday, May 10, 2013








6 – 10 May 2013 Running Info…

Stratford Half 27 April 2013

Hello Runners,

Plans for next year are coming together beautifully.  The running group will be better than ever!  Lynn is pulling together a team of people to help with different aspects of the group.  Next year, there will be runners providing nutritional tips, finding and promoting races, helping set routes, selecting and organising the group half-marathon, updating the website, and keeping the group fun with social activities.  It’s going to be fabulous!  I think by spreading out “jobs” everyone will feel more ownership of the WRW.  Thank you so much for keeping the group going.  It means the world to me.  Knowing that WRW will continue makes me very happy.  Thank you Lynn for agreeing to coordinate the group!

Syma will be leading a beginner group for next year.  If you know of anyone who is interested, please have them contact Syma.  As in the past, it is best if the ladies in the group are truly beginners.  If someone can run a bit, they are better suited for the regular MWF group.  You could help Syma and Lynn by encouraging new WRW runners to find the right group.

Attached to this email are training programs for Ealing or Windsor half-marathons on 29 September and the 17 November San Antonio half-marathon.  Amy Grace will put these on the website so you’ll have easier access to them.  When I finish the program for the Spring 2014 group half-marathon and a spring full marathon, I’ll forward those to Amy for the website.  All of these programs are just suggestions.  Use them as a basic guideline and adjust them to suit your schedule or your specific training needs.

If you are moving from London this summer, please let Lynn know.  She will be organising a “leavers” get-together probably around the first week of June.  Speaking of leaving, please stop by Cafe Richoux on Friday after the run (around 9:30-9:45am).  I would love to have a chance to tell you goodbye.  It will be very casual.  Pop in for a quick coffee/tea or stay for the whole time.

That’s it from me.  Next week’s email will come from Lynn.  Please keep on running!!!!  If you need some inspiration, listen to the song written specifically for the Trans-alpine Race in this video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJxHFmsQz8w  It says keep on running, keep on fighting while you’re broken, keep on laughing while you’re crying, ‘cuz you’ll make it any way.  I loved that race and I love that song.  It’s true – running can be hard but you just have to keep putting one step in front of the other.  You can do it!  Thanks a million for all the fun times we’ve had together.  I’ll miss everyone!!!!  Keep on running…..

Routes this Week

Monday, 6 May
Monday is a bank holiday so we’ll probably have a small group.  Some of the ex-beginners want to run the hill to Hampstead.  Join them or consider running this route.  We will be meeting at 8:15am as normal.  Some of the runners with small children want to run then get back home to family.  

 Hyde Park Serpentine Loop (6.25 miles) – This is an efficient, 6+ mile route down to Hyde Park.  hydeparkserpentinerunTake Lisson/Seymour to enter the park at the NE corner.  Run west along the northern edge of the park crossing over Carriage Rd.  At the Italian fountains, turn left and run south following the water’s edge.  Run under Carriage Rd, pass by the Lido cafe, then cross over the Serpentine bridge at the eastern edge of the water.  From there, take a diagonal path towards the park exit at Brook St.  The map to the left shows the route following Upper Grosvenor but we normally take Brook St by the US Embassy.  Run back to Starbucks in SJW via Baker St. or Gloucester Place.


Tuesday, 7 May
Some of the ex-beginners will be doing a 45-60 minute run – route of their choice.

Wednesday, 9 May
Whole Foods Cafe on Glasshouse St. and Choccywoccydoodah (7 miles)wholefoodscafe-choccyw4Why not????  Let’s run to the Whole Foods Cafe on Glasshouse St (near Piccadilly Circus).  That location has some tables outside.  Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can have coffee al fresco.  After coffee, I’m walking up to Choccywoccydoodah – it’s about a 5 minute walk up to Foubert’s Place.  Have a look at this website (http://www.choccywoccydoodah.com) and you’ll be tempted to come with me.  They are famous for their cafes and chocolates.  The route goes out the canal to “the wall” then down Farringdon to the river Thames.  We’ll follow the Embankment towards Westminster then turn right at Northumberland.  After running through

wholefoodscafe-choccyw3Trafalgar Square, we’ll take Haymarket up to Piccadilly Circus.  Just north of Piccadilly Circus, there is a little cut-through to reach Glasshouse St. (see map below left). The Whole Foods Cafe is on that street.  After having wholefoodscafe-choccyw1coffee, I’ll walk up Lower John and Carnaby St to reach Choccywoccydoodah.  Join me if you wholefoodscafe-choccyw2have time.  It’ll be worth the walk – I promise!


Thursday, 9 May

I will not be running on Thursday but here’s an interesting route to try – it’s something different.  You could shorten it by running back down Finchley Road to SJW instead of NW on Hendon Way.

West End Lane and Shoot-up Hill (6.5 miles)
westendlanerouteFrom Starbucks, head north of St. Ann’s Terrace then turn left on Acacia running by the SJW tube station. Carry on across Wellington Rd and at Abbey Rd turn right.  Run up Abbey Rd/West End Lane to Finchley Rd. where you will turn left.  At Hendon Way, veer left then after about 1/3 mile turn left on Cricklewood Lane.  Run about 2/3 mile to Shoot-up Hill.  Turn left and run down about 1.5 miles to Quex Rd.  Turn left to cut across to Abbey/West End then retrace your steps to Starbucks in SJW.

Friday, 10 May
On Friday, I won’t be running but I’ll join you for coffee/pastries at Cafe Richoux around 9:30-9:45am.

heatholdrouteThe Heath – old route (8 miles) – It’s hard to give directions as most of this run is in the heath.  The route is on the map to the left but you’ll probably need to follow other runners if you don’t know the way.

The Heath – Western route (8 miles)heathwesternrouteThis is the route we did yesterday. Again, it’s difficult to give directions in the heath (turn at the 2nd big tree on the left????) but hopefully seeing this map will help give you an idea of where we were.

The Darcy route (6-7 miles) – We probably need to quit calling this one the Darcy route because she rarely does it anymore.  If you need details about the route, Darcy can explain it to you.

The Betsy route (5 miles)bestyrouteBetsy is out of town but this is the route she was doing in the fall.  It’s lovely.  Ex-beginners – this is basically what we did together in our hill running “lesson” (see map to the right).

Hampstead tube station (4 miles) – This is a great route to do if you’re short on time or are new to running “the hill”.  Head up to the Hampstead tube station with the group then turn around and head back home.  That’s it!

Happy Running,