Spring Half

Preparing for the race

We have prepared several different training plans, depending on your goals for the race.

As the months go by, we will do everything we can to help you prepare for the race.  If you want to run the race solo, that’s fine.  If you want to run with a buddy or in a small group, we’ll do our best to find others who will be running your pace.  Some of our runners want to set a personal best time and will be training to reach that goal.  Many of our runners just want to complete the half-marathon and enjoy the experience.  So whatever it is you have in mind, you’ll have others approaching the race in the same manner.

We have two training plans to get ready for the race.  If you have been running consistently or are experienced with the half-marathon distance, consider following the Standard Training Plan.

If you are new to long-distance running, or are returning to running after some time away, or are recovering from an injury, you might consider following the gradual progression program to train for the half-marathon.

For overall race preparation, here is a nice guide from the New York Times.

NOTE: This information is compiled from opinions and thoughts of our fellow runners and should not be construed as expert advice.  Every runner should assess her own running goals and the appropriate training method to achieve those goals, including seeking professional advice as appropriate.

Standard Training Plan

Gradual Training Plan