6 – 10 June 2016 Running Info

Hi Everyone,
We have our last two official runs this week, but we’ll still be running over the summer, see more on that below. The best way to keep your conditioning and avoid injury is to keep running. Monday we have two options. First, you can join the adventure team that is travelling out to Richmond and running to Hampton Court Palace. Please read the plan in the route section and especially note that we are MEETING AT THE FINCHLEY ROAD AND FROGNAL OVERGROUND STATION. If you are planning to go to Hampton Court, please email us so we have a general idea of who to look out for. We are not waiting for anyone, so don’t be late. If  you can’t make it to Hampton Court, we’ve suggested the run to Big Ben because it’s a favourite London route or you can choose to do one of the Hyde Park routes or a route of your choice. Wednesday is the last day of school so we have the 4-mile extended Regent’s Park loop. Come celebrate the start of summer with a short, local run!
Summer running in London
This is the last official WRW email of the year, but we’ll still be running over the summer! If you’re in town, plan to meet at Barclays at 8:30 on MWF and the group will decide on the route that day. We tend to have a small group that runs most weeks, especially in June and early July. It just depends on who is in town. Darcy Fautz ([email protected]) has volunteered to be a contact point for the summer, so please email her if you’re planning to run or if you want to check and see if anyone else is running.
See you in August!
The first running day of the 2016-2017 year will be Wednesday Aug. 31. If you know anyone interested in the Mon-Wed-Fri group or the beginner group, please have them email [email protected]. Spread the word about WRW! We’re looking forward to meeting all our new members!
I’ll send an email in the next few days about our June 13 social event.
I’m already looking forward to next year! Have a fantastic summer!
Keep running,
Monday 6 June
Option 1 – Richmond to Hampton Court (8 miles)
We will meet at the Finchley Road and Frognal Overground Station at 8:30 for the 8:37 train to Richmond. We will arrive in Richmond by 9:15 to start our run.You can take a bus up Finchley Road to the station or take the tube to Finchley Road, turn left and walk up to the Overground Station. Leave the Richmond Overground Station and turn left onto The Quadrant. Then bear right on Water Lane until the river path where we turn left.
Now we stick to the river path along the Thames for the rest of our run. We will pass Petersham, Ham House and run briefly along Lower Ham Road. We keep right at Canbury Gardens and run into Kingston. In Kingston, we run as close to the Thames as possible on Thames Side, past the pier, up the stairs and left across the bridge at Horse Fair to the other side of the Thames. Here we turn left and continue along the Thames on a very pretty path all the way to Hampton Court where we will pass some of the gardens and see the Palace from the outside. We will head back to London from the Hampton Court train station which is across the bridge from the palace. The train runs every 30 minutes, at 24 and 54 past the hour.


Option 2 – Big Ben (4+ miles)
For this run we head to Hyde Park via the usual route and run along the eastern edge of the park to Hyde Park Corner, under the arch and down Constitution Hill. Run pass the Victoria Memorial down the mall and enter St. James Park. Run over the pond and out of the park, turning left onto Birdcage Walk and down into Parliament Square to Big Ben. You can take the tube from Westminster (4 miles) or run back to Green Park (6 miles) or run home (8 miles).


Wednesday 8 June – Extended Regent’s Park Loop (4 miles)
Head down Grove End Road as though going to Hyde Park BUT at Marylebone Road, turn left and follow Marylebone Road, past Madame Tussauds, then turn left at York Bridge and right at the Outer Circle.  Follow the Outer Circle counter clockwise, all the way to the crosswalk by the US Ambassador’s House. Cross out of the Park and head to Starbucks.