16 – 20 October 2017 Running Info

Hi Everyone,
This week is fall break and parent-teacher conferences at ASL so we won’t be setting official routes. If you want to run, just meet at Barclays and we’ll decide on the route on the day. Due to the holiday, we’ll be starting slightly later this week at 8:30.
Good luck US WRW runners!
We have a large group of WRW runners from the US who are gathering this weekend in New York to visit, have fun and run the Rhinebeck Fall Foliage Half Marathon. Have a fantastic weekend! We miss you in London!
Looking ahead – Halloween run 30 October
Monday 30th of October will be our Fourth Annual Halloween Costume run! Plan to dress up for Halloween – nothing too elaborate because you still have to run – but be creative! A crazy hat? A Halloween top? Last year we had some great running “costumes” and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this year! Keeping with the Halloween theme, we’re running through Brompton Cemetery to the South Ken Whole Foods. We love this route and it’s fun to do it around Halloween.
A group of friends
A small reminder to everyone that WRW is really just a group of friends who like to run together. We have a lot of knowledge in the group from the experience of running, but none of us (especially me!) are professional experts. We tend to offer general wisdom about training such as it’s important to gradually add mileage and it’s important to properly stretch. It’s crucial that if something is bothering you, little or big, that you seek out professional advice from an expert. Or if you are new to running or new to running longer distances, you may want to see an expert to make sure that you are healthy and OK to tackle this challenge. We have the names of some experts listed on our website.
Keep running,