19 – 23 May 2016 Running Info

Hi everyone,
Congratulations to all our runners who completed the Nike “We Own the Night” 10K race on May 10.  Sonia reports that despite “A LOT of walking before the event, bouts of wind, rain and a major drop in temperature, it was a great night!! We loved the girl power and enjoyed the experience!”  WELL DONE to all you fantastic women!

This week on Monday, we are running the Canal-Farringdon-Embankment route and stopping at Westminster Tube for 6.5 miles or Green Park for 7.5 miles.  Wednesday we’re doing a bit of hill work in the “Camden Left” route because Friday we run to Borough Market.  REMEMBER WE MEET AT 9:00am on FRIDAY so we can arrive as the market opens.  I hope you can join us!

Beginner Group News
Another big THANK YOU to all our beginner coaches this year – Syma, Betsy and Bonnie.  The entire group is so proud of our large beginner group and their inspirational success at the race.  It couldn’t have happened without the excellent guidance, leadership and support from the coaches.  Thank You!  Syma, Betsy and Bonnie are going to be involved in the group next year, but they are stepping down from the leadership position.  I’m very happy to announce that Vicky Timbers and Meg Stone will lead the 2014-2015 Beginner Group.  I’m so thrilled about this and I know they’ll be a great team!  We’re also going to assemble a group of MWF runners who are willing to help with the beginner group.  If you would like to be a helper, please tell me, Vicky or Meg.

Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon
Paula Mitchell is organising a trip to the Las Vegas half marathon on November 16.  It looks like it will be a blast!  The race starts at 4:30 so you’ll get to see the Vegas lights and you can even dress up as Elvis.  (There are full marathon and 6.5 mile race options as well.)  Some of our US members are planning to attend as well as some women from London.  Friends are also welcome.  Get in touch with Paula at xxx and she can give you all the details.  Right now she’s trying to get a sense of numbers.

Keeping running,

10 May 2014

10 May 2014



Monday 19 May

Canal/Farringdon/Embankment – 6.5-7.5 miles

For this route we start out heading east on the canal and run to the Wall.  We’ll exit the canal there and turn right onto Rodney, which will turn into Penton Rise, then King’s Coss Road, and eventually Farringdon, which we will stay on until we reach the embankment.  We then turn right and run along Victoria Embankment to Westminster Tube Station and head home (6.5 miles).


If you want to add another mile, turn right onto Bridge Street, run through Parliament Square and up Birdcage Walk to St James Park.  Cross through the park and left on The Mall.  Turn right when you reach Green park and run along the eastern edge of the park to Piccadilly and take the tube home from Green Park Station (7.5 miles).



Wednesday 21 May

Camden Left to Regents Park – 6 miles

Head out the Canal east again, but exit at Camden Market.  Take the RIGHT crossover over the Canal at Camden Market and make a LEFT onto Chalk Farm Hill Road.  Take this road north, past Adelaide, past England’s Lane to Belsize Grove [before the Belsize Tube Stn] and make a left.  Left again on Belsize Park Gardens.  Take this all the way to Primrose Hill Park.  Enter the PH Park and follow the north side path until it ends; make a right and continue to the Ormonde Terrace entrance, make a left and zig zag to the other side of the park and back to the main entrance on Prince Albert Road.  Exit PH Park, cross Prince Albert and go across the bridge and across the Ring Road into Regents Park.  Follow the interior path alongside the Zoo and as it curls onto the Broadwalk.  Go right and follow the Broadwalk to just beyond The Honest Sausage.  Make a right onto the main path and take it across the park, exiting at the Charlbert entrance.  Head up to St Johns Wood Terrace, make a left and head to Starbucks.



Friday 23 May

Borough Market – 6 miles

OK, it’s Friday, but we are NOT going up that hill! We are going to start a little later today, about 9am, and run down to Borough Market, where we can have coffee and get some good eats for there or to take home.  Then will tube home from London Bridge Station.  We start out down Circus Road to Charlbert and into Regent’s Park, where we will take the Outer Loop around to the left and cross out of the park at Portland Place.  We’ll run down Portland Place, which becomes Regent Street, to Oxford Circus and make a left onto Oxford Street.  We’ll run down Oxford Street to King’s Way and make a right and take that to the end, which is Aldwych. Now turn right onto Aldwych and cross over The Strand and down to the Thames, where we’ll cross at the Waterloo Bridge.  Once across the river, we’ll make a left and run along the Thames (river will be on your left) to Bank End/Park Street, where we’ll leave the river and run to the Market.

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