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Hello Runners,

I hope everyone had a fabulous break.  I’m still away in Italy but the running continues.  I have spies in London so watch out - get out there and run!  Seriously ladies, this is a critical time to continue your running training.  The half-marathon races are over, most of you have been away over half-term, and life will get busy as the school year comes to a close.  Consider signing up for a race this summer.  Having something on your calendar will motivate you to continue to train.  Several of our runners are doing the Windsor half-marathon on 29 September.  Consider joining them - that’ll keep you running all summer long.  Regular entries are expected to close on 26 April for the Windsor race.
Last week, one of our runners, Carolynn Blinkinsop, ran the Paris marathon.  Congratulations Carolynn on a top-notch performance!  And Syma Qattan (see photo above), Sunny Brenneman and myself were out in the British countryside participating in the Cotswolds Challenge.  It was a fun weekend.
The London marathon is on Sunday, 21 April.  I’ll be going down to watch the race - join me if you can.  Wear your pink Bratislava cap if you don’t mind - it’ll make it easier for our runners to see us (and for us to keep track of each other).  We have 12 runners in the London marathon.  Good luck ladies!!!!
We will celebrate April birthdays on Friday, 26 April, with cupcakes after our run.  These are the April birthdays that I know of:
3 - Michelle Morris
11 - Dinae Norris
14 - Nukhet Saxby
15 - Vicky Timbers
15 - Mary Holtze
16 - Holly Bell Stevens
22 - Raquel Grosman
23 - Hela Dammak
26 - Cinni Fischer
27 - Leslie Doyle

Routes this Week

From now until summer, all of our groups run together following the same route.  The group will string out into different pace packs.  Take this opportunity to run with different people - it’s fun to have new running partners.  Also, please make a special effort to include our ex-beginner runners.  Some of them are making the move to MWF.  It will take them a few weeks to figure out where they fit into our pack.  Please help them make an easy transition.  As always, if you prefer a different route, just group up and do it.  No worries!  We’re back to our normal 8:15am start this week.

Monday, 15 April
Notting Hill (8 miles) – Some of our marathoners need an 8 mile run.  Here’s an option that will also suit runners wanting less distance.  Start the normal  Notting Hill route.  When the group reaches Pembridge Villas at Chepstow Place, you run towards Hyde Park.  Make your way into the NW corner of the park and run along the northern edge until you are nearing Speaker’s Corner.  Exit Hyde Park where we normally enter and run back to Starbucks via Seymour/Lisson Grove.
Notting Hill (6.7 miles) – If you’re not interested in doing 8 miles, follow theregular Notting Hill route.  The exact streets chosen don’t matter - basically run along the canal to Ladbrook Grove then zig-zag through Notting Hill back to Westbourne Grove.  Near Paddington, drop down to the canal and run back to Starbucks in SJW.
Canal west (any distance) – If you want a shorter run, go out the canal and turn around and head back to SJW.  

Tuesday, 16 April
The ex-beginners will be doing a 45-60 minute run - route of their choice.

Wednesday, 17 April
Camden/Euston/Oxford loop (6.2 miles) - This is a nice route to learn.  It’s easily adjusted for different distances.  Run along the canal to Camden.  Exitthe canal at the market area and follow Camden High St., then Hampstead Rd., then Tottenham Court Rd. to Oxford St.  Run west on Oxford St.  At Baker St. head north to finish at Starbucks in SJW.  To shorten the route to about 5.7 miles, cut west on Mortimer St.  To shorten the route to about 4 miles, run west on Euston Rd instead of heading south to Oxford St.

Thursday, 18 April
This is primarily the ladies who ran with the beginners groups this year, but feel free to join them.  It’s a wide pace range - usually from 10:30/10:45m/m to about 12:45m/m.  You have a couple of good options - one is a destination run to Big Ben with a bit of added mileage and the other is a loop back to SJW.  Next Thursday, 25 April, I’ll be leading the group on run up towards Hampstead.  Join us if you want to start practicing hill running.  After that run, I’ll be strongly encouraging you to move over to the MWF running groups.  You’ll be ready!!!!
Option #1:  Destination Run to Big Ben (5.25 miles) - This is the normal route to Big Ben with a loop on the river added in to extend the distance.  Take Lisson/Seymour down to Hyde Park.  Run south along the eastern edge of the park to Wellington Arch.  Cross over into Green Park to run to Buckingham Palace then follow Birdcage Walk towards Big Ben.  If you want a 4 mile run, finish at Westminster tube station.  Otherwise, run over the bridge, drop down to the south embankment near the London Eye then cross back over the river to Embankment tube station (about 4.8 miles if you want to finish there).  Carry on along the north embankment to Westminster tube station.
Option #2:  Hyde Park/Brook St./Regent St./Regents Park loop (5.25 miles) - This is an efficient loop that will return you to Starbucks asap.  Run down to

Hyde Park via Lisson/Seymour.  Skirt around Speaker’s Corner then exit at Brook St.  Run east to Regent St. then head north to Regents Park.  Run up the broadwalk then veer left before the Honest Sausage cafe to return to Starbucks.   

Friday, 19 April
Everyone heads up the hill to Hampstead or the heath.  Marathoners will not be running hills - join them if you want a flat route.  The hill routes range from 4 miles (Hampstead tube station and back) to 8 miles (full heath route).  The 8 mile route is to the left.  It’s tough to give directions as so much of the run is in the heath.  Pair up with someone who knows the way and go for it!  There are also 5/6/7 mile routes.  Run with the group up the hill to the Hampstead tube station and ask around to find someone who wants the same distance as you.  Somehow it always works out.  When I’m back in town, we’ll try the western heath route one Friday.  It’s gorgeous.
             Happy Running,                                                                                      

Syma running to a tower along the route of the Cotswolds Challenge last weekend.

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