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Hello Runners,

We’ve done it!  We’ve made it through all the long runs to prepare for our race in Bratislava next weekend.  Well done everyone!  This week’s training will be much more relaxed.  Unless you’re training for a marathon, this is a recovery week.  Take it easy!!!  Run at a comfortable pace - let your legs have a break.  For those of you going on the Bratislava trip, I’ll be sending out a separate email with some final logistical information.  
Many of you have asked what happens after the race.  We have fun!  Some runners will take off a week or two (particularly those who have aches/pains/injuries/niggles).  The ASL break starts the Friday after we get back from the trip so a lot of our ladies will head out of town.  I’ll be running on Wednesday, 27 March - probably a 5-6 mile loop.  Most of our marathoners have a long run on Thursday, 28 March.  Beginning Friday, 29 March, we’ll be running the “holiday format”.  Basically, whoever shows up on Mon/Wed/Fri runs.  The routes are decided upon at Starbucks before the run.  It’s very laid-back and tons of fun.  Usually the groups are mixed paces.  Somehow it works.  Some people slow down a bit and others speed up a bit.  Beginning Monday, 15 April, we get back to a more “normal” schedule.  The marathoners are winding down their training and the rest of us try to establish a regular running routine.  Most ladies continue to run 3 times a week but not everyone is interested in doing long runs.  The routes will be flexible to accommodate everyone.  No worries!!!

This week the routes are organised by day - Mon, Wed and Fri, then by group. 

Routes this Week

Monday, 18 February
Marathon Trainees (18 miles for London and Stratford-on-Avon runners):  You have 2-3 options.  It would be best for us to run non-stop along a canal or the river, but we’ve had so much rain.  It’ll be muddy.  Option #1 will involve some dirt/mud.  Option #2 is all street running - the route is interesting but your knees/hips will feel it.  Option #3 is so boring you may want to hang up your running shoes once it’s over.
Kingston via Richmond Park (18 miles) –  This route is a combination of street running, asphalt paths and some dirt/trail running.  It’s a fun route because it’s constantly changing; however.....  because it’s constantly changing, we’ll have to stay together as a group.  The route goes down to Battersea Park, then back across the river to King’s Rd where we’ll head southwest to Putney Bridge.  Once we cross over the river, we would follow the embankment for 1/2 mile then cut through some dirt trails to Priory Rd.  The route leads straight into Richmond Park.  We would cut across Richmond Park (those are asphalt or well-groomed gravel paths) to exit into Richmond village.  From Richmond, we would run along the river to Kingston-on-Thames (this stretch would probably be muddy).  Train back to London.
Canary/Greenwich/Borough/Westminster/Waterloo (18 miles) – Below is another option.  This route is easier to navigate (but we still might have to stay together for those of you unfamiliar with the south side of the river) and goes along part of the London marathon route.  We would run to Canary Wharf, then on to the Isle of Dogs, cross under the river in the footpath tunnel, then come up close to the Cutty Sark in Greenwich.  From there, the route takes Evelyn St. to Jamaica Rd. to the Borough Market area.  We would run along the embankment and cross over the river to the north side at Blackfriar’s Bridge.  The last 2 miles follow the embankment to Westminster then we would probably need to add about 1/2 mile so we would go over Westminster Bridge and finish at Waterloo.  This route is all street running which won’t be muddy, but is hard on your knees/hips.4 Parks (18 miles) – If you prefer to run your own pace or need to run on a different day/time, consider the route below.  It’s beyond boring but you’ll get your 18 miles done.
This route covers 4 parks (with Hyde Park looped twice).  So, head down to Hyde Park and do the perimeter until you reach Wellington Arch.  Cross over and do the perimeters of Green Park and St. James Park.  Cross back over under Wellington Arch to Hyde Park.  Do another loop of Hyde Park then exit  at Brook St. and run north on Baker St. to Regents Park.  Do a full loop of Regent’s Park then a partial loop going into the Inner Circle.  Exit Regents Park at Charlbourg and finish at Starbucks.
Speedsters (6-8 miles depending on your program):
Fast Group (6-8 miles depending on your program):
Hyde Park (6-8 miles) – Hyde Park is a perfect route for Monday.  For those of you wanting/needing 8 miles, do the full perimeter and return to Starbucks (map to the left).  For those of you following the less aggressive training program, you have 6 miles on your schedule.  Those of you easing back into running after an injury might also consider a 6 mile run (instead of 8 miles).  Run to Hyde Park but don’t do the full perimeter (see map to right).  Run west from Speaker’s Corner, then south along Carriage Rd crossing over the Serpentine.  Run alongside the water crossing back over the Serpentine near the cafe.  Run diagonally back towards the east side of the park, exit at Brook St. and take Baker or Gloucester back to SJW.  Finish at Starbucks in SJW.
Mid-level I - (6 miles):
Mid-level II - (6 miles):
Run to Hyde Park and follow the Serpentine route (see map below).  Run west from Speaker’s Corner, then south along Carriage Rd crossing over the Serpentine.  Run alongside the water crossing back over the Serpentine near the cafe.  Run diagonally back towards the east side of the park, exit at Brook St. and take Baker or Gloucester back to SJW.  Finish at Starbucks in SJW.  The two groups will be following the same route, but don’t feel the need to adjust your pace in order to all stay together.  Everyone should run at their own (medium) pace.

Wednesday, 20 March
Speedsters - Marathon and Half-marathon Trainees (6-7 miles):
Fast Group - Marathon and Half-Marathon Trainees (6-7 miles):
Mid-level I (6 miles):
Notting Hill (6.5 miles) - I think you all know this route.  It’s out the canal west then exiting at Ladbrook Grove to run up to Notting Hill.  We usually then head east to Ledbury then jig-jag to Westbourne Grove to run back towards Paddington Station.  Drop down to the canal at the basin (near the Starbucks on the canal) and head back towards SJW along the water’s edge then run along St. John’s Wood Rd then Grove End Rd. to Starbucks.
Mid-level II - (5-6 miles): 
You have 5-6 miles on your schedule this week for Wednesday.  Either do the Notting Hill loop (6.5 miles - see map above) or run out the canal about 2.5 miles then turn around and run back to SJW.  If you don’t like that idea, Susan Ashley showed me a nice route in Regents Park this week.  You could do that one or run down towards Marylebone High St. and do a shortened shopping route.

Friday, 22 March
On Friday, 72 of our runners are heading to Bratislava for the half-marathon so we’ll have a smaller group out running.  My flight leaves in the afternoon so I’ll probably come out and do a 4-5 mile flat run.  For those of you not going to Slovakia, run the regular routes in the heath or feel free to join me.          
                                                           Happy Running,                                                           

The Mid-level I Group ran to Kew Gardens on Wednesday.  What a gorgeous day…. what a gorgeous group of ladies!!!!

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