Running this week 9 – 13 Jan 2012

Hello everyone,

No pressure, really, but just thought you may be interested……  from Monday, it’s 76 days until 25 March 2012.  That’s just under 11 weeks to race day!  Yeah!  We can do it!  If you are planning on participating in the half-marathon, now is the time to decide how you are going to do it.  I don’t mean “how” as in “OMG, how am I ever going to run 13 miles”, I mean “how” as in….  What is your goal?  Do you want to run it in a certain time?  Will you run it solo or is there someone in the group you want to run with?  Is your goal to just finish with dignity intact?  How to you plan to fuel your race?  I am more than happy to help you work through those decisions – let me know if I can help.
We will now begin to increase our mileage for the long runs and hopefully do some fun and different routes.    Here’s what I would suggest for next week:


Please read the route details for Monday – it’s a change to our normal routine!
  • Distance Runners – 10 miles –  I’m up for something fun this week!  How about we try a new route out to Wimbledon?  We would run the most direct route possible through Hyde Park then down through South Ken/Chelsea/Fulham to Putney.  Then we’ll cross over the river at Putney Bridge and run up to Wimbledon Commons and take the train home from Wimbledon Station.  It’s about a 30 minute ride home including a transfer at Vauxhall.
  • Pace Setters – 8 miles – For those of you fast girls, consider the Wimbledon run.  It will mean slowing down.  We’ll have to stay together as one pack and this will be at a considerably slower pace than you are used to.  But it will be fun!  If you’re up for some endurance training, come with us then do some serious tempo work on Wednesday.  You have 8 miles on your schedule this week for your long run, but the 10 to Wimbledon would be OK as the pace will be slower.
  • Flex-runners – 9 miles – Think about trying the run Wimbledon.  Here’s the deal – we’ll have to stay together in one pack as it’s a new route and there are a million turns.  We’ll be running between a 9:45 and 10:45 pace.  If you can’t keep up with that pace, consider doing your long run on Tuesday with the EBR group or Wednesday with the Mid-level group.  For those of you new to the running group, this is not the norm!  Usually we wait for people, but for this specific run – we need to make sure the faster girls also get in a good run.  You have 9 miles on your training schedule this week for the long run, if the 10 to Wimbledon is too much you’ll have the option of going home from Putney (7 miles).
  • Mid-level (7 miles) – How about following the other runners down to Hyde Park?  We’ll be going down Sussex Gardens and entering the park near Bayswater.  The Distance/Pace-setter/Flex-runner groups will then take a diagonal through the park.  Don’t follow them!  Instead, turn right and do the perimeter around the park and come home either via Baker St. or Lisson Grove.  Either way, back to SJW will be about 7 miles.
  • EBR – if you want to do your mid-distance run on Monday, join the mid-level group on the shortened to Hyde Park loop route.
Tuesday – Ease Back into Running Group (8 miles) – We will be heading down to Battersea Park then running through Pimlico, by Victoria and finishing at the Westminster tube station.
Wednesday –
  • Distance Runners, Pace-setters and Flex-runners – 6 miles – The Wall – If you are wanting to do a certain time in Lisbon, it’s time to get serious about these Wednesday tempo runs.  For those of you not interested in time, run to The Wall and turn around and come back.  For those of you wanting to go a bit faster, do it.  We are a social running group, but everyone understands.  They won’t be offended if you take off like a rocket.  Try to position yourself in the front of the pack as we leave Starbucks.  We’ll go over to The Star then head down Charlbert to the canal.  Jog at a gentle pace (but be in the front of the pack) to the canal.  Once you get to the canal, take off!  Make note of your time from “take off” back to that spot again.  We’ll do this route again in a few weeks so you can see if you’re getting faster.  For those of you new to tempo-work, try to run the last half of the route faster than the first half.  If you have a heart-rate monitor, wear it and make note of your average HR for the canal part of the run.  A few tips for running faster – swing your arms forward and backward (if they come across your body they slow you down), relax your arms/shoulders by shaking out your hands (don’t keep your hands in fists), think about increasing your foot turnover instead of just running faster.  Don’t think about lengthening your stride, just think about picking up your foot faster (like the hot potato game).  Keep your chin up and shoulders back (hunching over compresses your lungs which decreases your oxygen intake ability).  Have fun!!!
  • Mid-level (9.5 miles) – Canary Wharf – woohoo!!!  I love this run.  Bring some water and a gel.  I’ll carry some extra gels in my backpack.  We’re ready!  We can do it! We’ll tube home on the Jubilee line.
  • EBR – if you want to do your mid-distance run on Wednesday then join the group and run to The Wall.
Friday – Everyone up the hill to Hampstead or the heath.  We’ll decide on the day which route to follow.  We have a bunch of interesting routes for each group this week – people may be in the mood to run the routes they know by Friday.
Happy Running,
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