2020-21 Beginners Week 10

Hi all,
As usual, GREAT JOB with the run on Thursday.  I know as we get to the last segment or so it starts to feel hard, but you all are pushing through and making it happen and we are so proud of you!  I have a bunch of little things to discuss this week so read on…

Hampton Court Half
Just another little push for those of you who have not signed up.  I just don’t want it to sell out and have you be disappointed. So put it on your to-do list for the weekend.  And if you’re feeling unconvinced that you can do it, talk to one of the coaches or to Shannon (who is our big cheerleader for people, like her, who were completely unconvinced of her ability to run).  

This Week and Future Runs
We have a jump up in time intervals this week but don’t be nervous – you can do it!  You are all doing so well.  If you are worried about the time, or feel tired during the run, just slow down.  We’re not in a hurry!  
Here are the general routes/destinations for our runs until the winter break.  Note that some of them are destinations so you will want to note that so you have the time to do them.

5 Nov – Camden/Mornington Crescent (loop back to SJW)
12 Nov – destination – Covent Garden
19 Nov – Notting Hill loop back to SJW
26 Nov – ASL Thanksgiving – local loop
3 Dec – Holiday Lights run (6 am) – destination
10 Dec – Green Park via Hyde (destination to Green Park)
17 Dec – loop back to SJW

And if you want to re-run the route we did yesterday, here is the RunGo link:  https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/kP0YdMVA5V

We will do our annual Holiday Lights run on Thursday 3 December.  This is a very special run – we will leave at 6 am and run down to Oxford and Regent Streets and see the London holiday lights in all their glory.  You can make it back home by 7:15 if you have a shorter run (last year, the group split and those who wanted the full run for the week went a little longer).  I want to give you enough time to make arrangements with your family if you have younger kids.  This is a run that is not to be missed!

Adding A Run on the Weekend
It is time now to add a third run on the weekend.  This will really help you continue to build your stamina and will make the runs during the week easier.  In general, you don’t want to run a longer segment on the weekend than we are doing during the week – so if you run this weekend, it shouldn’t have segments longer than 7 minutes and for next weekend, it shouldn’t have segments longer than 10 minutes.  The run should be no more than 30-35 total minutes including walk time.  Pay attention to your pace, too, so you don’t go too fast.  Your muscles have been building so you can add that third run, but we don’t want you to push too much and get injured.  As we run longer segments, it will become more important to have that extra run on the weekend so the longer runs during the week aren’t so tiring.

Eating Before the Run
Some of you have asked about eating before the run.  In general, it is good to have something in your stomach before you run, but not too much.  The key for all of you is to experiment.  A little later, as we are running for longer, I will send a long, information-packed email put together by WRW’s founder, Paula, on the science and theory behind what to eat before and after a run.  But I don’t think we need that level of detail yet.  For now, you should be trying different things to see what works for you because everyone is different.  Personally, I usually have a yogurt or a banana along with coffee and whole milk.  It’s enough to keep my stomach from grumbling and will give me a little energy, but won’t sit like a lump.  I know other runners like oatmeal or a smoothie or maybe half a bagel with cream cheese.  The important thing is to have something.  As we start to run longer, you will need a little more energy and it’s good to start trying things now.

Also, many of you will experience an increased appetite as a result of this training.  That is normal.  Many runners will say they didn’t lose a pound when they started running.  Usually it’s because you’re hungrier with increased activity levels, so you eat more.  Generally, women don’t lose or gain weight in training, but they have more energy, they can eat more and often digestive issues disappear.  Plus, your body composition will change as you build your muscle.Let us know if you have any questions about any of this!

See you all on Thursday,