2020-21 Beginners – Week 31

Another great run, everyone!  I hope you are all feeling good and ready to tackle another increase in mileage this week.  You all just have 2 more long runs before the half – you can DO THIS!  And I am SO THRILLED to be able to legally run in larger groups this week.  YAY!!!
Remember, if anything is hurting, please please please go see a professional for advice.  While I know we all want to be able to run the half, we don’t want you to end up doing something not good to your body just to make it through the half.  It’s not worth it!!

The Schedule
Week 31 April 1 –  Canada Water – 10 miles
Week 32 Apr 8 – April  break – 6 miles
Week 33 Apr 15 – Kew Gardens – 11 miles
Week 34 Apr 22 – TBD – 7-8 miles
Week 35 Apr 29 – RACE DAY!
Continue to do 45 min on the weekend and 60 min on Tuesdays!

This Week
This week and for Kew, we will plan to take our gels while running.  We need to practice – we do not plan to stop to take the gels during the race.  Sometimes the gel packaging can be tricky – so just resort to pulling the tab off with your teeth if you have to.  This is why we practice 🙂  We will take the gels about 70-80 min into the run.  At this point, hopefully you have identified some gels that you like.  If you haven’t already, please plan to purchase some this week so you have your own supply.  I do have extra gels and will bring some with me this week for anyone who wants to try something new or doesn’t have her own yet.
OK – for the run, don’t forget:

  • eat something before the run
  • bring water
  • bring a gel if you have one
  • bring your Oyster card/contactless

As usual, I will put the call out for who can run on Thursday on the What’sApp and then will assign groups.  My hope is to start a little earlier this week but to do the same idea of spacing out groups based on pace.
Canada Water (10.3 miles)
RunGo:  https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/6wwqUXZOx5

This route takes us along the Thames Path past Borough Market and Tower Bridge to Canada Water tube station (Jubilee line) in Rotherhithe. Head to Hyde Park in the usual manner. At the park, cross North Carriage Road, turn right at the silver sphere, and left just after the Italian Gardens, keeping the Serpentine to your left. Turn right at the end of the Serpentine to run along the southern edge of the park to Hyde Park Corner. Proceed towards Borough Market – past Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, across Westminster Bridge, and left along the Thames Path to the Golden Hinde. Follow the walkway to the right of the Golden Hinde and at the junction with Southwark Cathedral, turn sharply left and follow Montague Close, passing through the tunnel. You are now on Tooley Street. Shortly, you will see the “Number 1” bar on the right and a London map sign on the sidewalk – turn left here (photo below)

Turn right at the end of the passage – you are back on the river. Run under Tower Bridge, turn left down the tiny alley called “Maggie Blake’s Cause” (photo below), then right at the river. If you look behind you, you will see Tower Bridge – we don’t usually get this view!

Turn right off the river at Maguire Street (between the Ask Italian restuarant and the Blue Print Cafe). Turn left on Shad Thames and follow Shad Thames until it ends, then turn left on Jamaica Road. After a short stretch on this busy road take a left into George Row (directly opposite the Tesco Metro on the other side of Jamaica Road. The road sign for George Row is hard to see, so keep your eye out for the Tesco.) Follow George Row for a few blocks, heading back towards the river, then turn right onto Chambers Street. After the Thames Water building site on the left take the next left onto Loftie Street, then right at Bermondsey Wall East. Continue along Bermondsey Wall East – you’ll see glimpses of the river to your left. If in doubt, the black Thames Path/Rotherhithe Village signs point the general direction. Go straight through a narrow passage (see photo below) to reach the historic heart of Rotherhithe where the road turns into Rotherhithe Street.

You will soon see a small burial ground on your right, where Christopher Jones, the captain of the Mayflower, is buried. Then on the left you’ll pass The Mayflower pub, named in honor of his ship. Continue along Rotherhithe Street until you come to a red metal bridge — turn right immediately before the bridge and go down the path alongside a canal, keeping the water to your left. (photo below)

At Salter St, cross the road and follow the path with the water on your left, and continue alongside the water/canal until you reach a large open area with Canada Water station (Jubilee Line) to your right and the Canada Water library in front of you. This is the end of the route, you made it!

There is a coffee shop to the left called Mouse Tail Coffee Stories if you need a little something after the long run!

2020-21 Beginners – Week 30

I hope you all enjoyed your “easy” week last week (except for Trenita and Devyani who ROCKED their long runs!). Loved seeing all of your smiling faces in the photos.  We have another couple of weeks of long Thursday runs before we get another break week.  This week we will be doing another 9 mile run.  Most of you have done 9 already so hopefully it won’t be too stressful to think about it.

I am hoping we can run this Thursday similarly to how we can to Canary – with small, spaced groups heading out at different times based on pace and all arriving fairly close to each other.  No burritos at the end this time but there are a few coffee shops where we should be able to get coffee before taking the tube home.  We will end at the Wembley Park tube which is on the Jubilee and Metropolitan Lines so make sure you have an Oyster or contactless card.  I’ll put the call out on the group chat about availability.

We will bring gels again this week for those who haven’t gotten their own yet.  Please make sure to bring water with you – these are long runs and your body needs to hydrate.  And eat something before you come!

The Schedule
Week 30 Mar 25 – Wembley – 9 miles
Week 31 April 1 –  Canada Water – 10 miles
Week 32 Apr 8 – April  break – 6 miles
Week 33 Apr 15 – Kew Gardens – 11 miles
Week 34 Apr 22 – TBD
Week 35 Apr 29 – RACE DAY!
Continue to do 45 min on the weekend and 60 min on Tuesdays!

This week’s run
Wembley is one of my favorites.  There are many people who do not love this run as much as I do so I am going to tell you why I like it and you can tell me your own opinions of it after 🙂

Why I like the Wembley run:
1) You see many sides of London along the canal
Some runners complain that parts of the canal are very ugly.  This is true.  However, I enjoy seeing the transition from city and the older buildings along the canal and newer gentrified condos to the industrial parts to the country parts, with glimpses of Wembley Stadium along the way.  I feel like it’s the real London – many sides, not always so pretty but always something to look at.  And as you keep going, it changes.
2) You see a part of London you otherwise wouldn’t – Wembley
No, not the stadium but the streets.  There is a large Hindu population and there are many shops with brightly coloured saris and trinkets that are fun to look at.  And there is an amazing Hindu temple that was built in 2010 that took 14 years to build from stone from India.  It is incredible.  Look for it on the left hand side of the street.
3) It has a long, uninterrupted stretch of canal running
Once we get on the canal, we run for about 6 miles.  I believe this will be the longest stretch of uninterrupted running you will have had so far.  One of the things that makes me love this run is that it was on this part of the run in my beginner year that I had a running epiphany – I felt like I could just keep running forever.  I think I had settled into that pace where you feel good, you feel like you’re just cooking along and you can chat and run and all is good.  I hadn’t really felt like that before and it was a great feeling.  Some of you may have already had that feeling, some may never get it, but having a nice long uninterrupted stretch may put you in a similar place.  I hope so!
4) You get to say you ran to Wembley!
Most people have heard of Wembley.  And people in London know it’s a ways out.  So it’s fun to be able to say you ran there – so impressive!

The route
Start out heading west on Circus Road, turn left on Grove End to St John’s Wood Road and go west, turning left on Cunningham then right on Aberdeen to work your way to the canal entrance on Blomfield. Continue out the canal and exit at Alperton, see photo below, not quite 7 miles in. Turn right at the top of the stairs, cross the bridge and take the first right onto Ealing Road. Just after the turn you’ll see the Alperton station on your left. Follow Ealing Road to the High Road and turn right. You’ll see Wembley Central on your right for the 8-mile route. For 9 miles, continue until you make a left on Park Lane which becomes Wembley Park Drive. Continue past the turn off to the stadium on the right and up to Wembley Park Tube Station (Jubilee and Metropolitan lines).  There is a Costa just down the steps towards the stadium so we will head there for coffee afterwards for those who can stay.

2020-21 Beginners – Week 29

Congratulations everyone on your run milestone this week!  Sorry about the lack of margaritas.  We will need to have a do-over once we are allowed to gather.  But it was so so wonderful to see you guys TOGETHER!  Wow I can’t wait for us to truly be able to run in groups again.  2 more weeks!

Thanks for submitting your photos for the WRW Global Run for International Women’s Day/Paula’s Birthday.  I took the liberty of adding a couple from the Canary run for a few of you whose photo I didn’t already have.  Here is a link to the slideshow if you’d like to see how strong this community of amazing women is and how even once you leave, you are still a huge part of it.  It was a labour of love to put it together.  If any of you who I didn’t get want to send me a photo, I will happily add it in!

This week is a rest week.  Those with eagle eyes might notice that I’ve changed it a bit to be 6 miles, not 60 minutes.  That is still a rest – you guys have been doing a lot more on Thursdays.  We want to cut back but also want to keep you strong.  So do your 60 minute run on Tuesday, 6 miles on Thursday, and 45 min over the weekend.

If you have not yet run 9 miles, use this week to continue to build if you can.  I, or any other coach, am happy to talk to you about what you should be doing – just reach out!

The Schedule
Week 29 Mar 18 – 6 miles
Week 30 Mar 25 – Wembley – 9 miles
Week 31 April 1 –  Canada Water – 10 miles
Week 32 Apr 8 – April  break – 6 miles
Week 31 Apr 15 – Kew Gardens – 11 miles
Week 32 Apr 22 – TBD
Week 33 Apr 29 – RACE DAY!
Continue to do 45 min on the weekend and 60 min on Tuesdays!

For this week – how about a run to Borough Market?  A nice slight downhill to the river and then flat flat flat with coffee and other treats at the end!  https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/6U5vDjwEEA
If you want to loop back to SJW and avoid public transport, you could do a classic Hyde Park loop along the Italian Gardens.  https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/ybk4zOsBh9
If you want to try something new, there are many routes on RunGo in the 3 WRW groups:  WRW London, the Hustlers, or the WRW Beginners,
We could try to do some small groups again – let’s talk on the group chat to see what will work for everyone.
See you this week!

2020-21 Beginners – Week 28

Hi all!
Such great photos from the Belgravia Wander Art run!  You all continue to impress us as you get it done every week.

This week, we are starting some destination runs.  Although we still need to be in pairs, we would like to see if we can coordinate a bit more and do some pairs together – with one coach and 3 runners or maybe 2 coaches and 4 runners, with the pairs running close enough to see but not close enough to hear.  This will require everyone to group based on pace.  This may not work, depending on everyone’s availability, but let’s give it a shot.

For this week, we are running 9 miles to Canary Wharf.  There are a couple of you (Devyani, Trenita, Tessa) who I believe have run about 6 miles.  I don’t want you guys to try this full 9 mile run yet, but I would love for you to be a part of it.  If you are willing and able, you could join us very close to the Angel tube station – we practically run right by it – and that would give you just under 6 miles from there to Canary.  We can give you the approximate time to meet us if you can do it.

I’d like to start getting you guys back on a Thursday schedule anyway since we just have a few weeks (YAY!) until we can run basically together again.  In an ideal world, this is what I’d like to have for Thursday:

8:30 start – Tammy and Mariyam with Trenita meeting this group at Angel
9:00 start – Darlene and Corisha with Devyani meeting this group at Angel
9:20 start – Joanna, Farhana, Sue, Natasha, Heloisa with Tessa meeting this group at Angel

Then we will all end up at Canary at approximately the same time, give or take, and we can celebrate together but apart.

Please let me know ASAP if you cannot do the run this Thursday at those times – we will determine who can/can’t and figure out how to make it work for you for another day/time.

The Half – Thursday 29 April

Mark your calendars for Thursday 29 April – this is our official race day, rain or shine.  But here’s the thing, I want ALL OF YOU to mark your calendars, take the day off of work, get babysitters, WHATEVER IT TAKES for that day.  Act like it is truly the race day.  Even if you think you won’t be running the full race, we will figure out ways for some of you to run (or walk, or run/walk) a shorter distance – whatever is the right distance for you.  There are several places along the route where people can join in.  And I do mean ALL of you – even you, Ash, for whatever works for you at the time, boot or not.  And Wunmi – where are you?!?!  We miss you!  We want you out there with us – whatever that means for you!!  So seriously – I need everyone to make your arrangements now – act like you are going to be out of town for the day and get your back up/vacation day/whatever!  This is your day – the time to celebrate all of you!  OK, lecture over… for now.

The Route This Week
RunGo:  https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/mLJsXpZAkm
OK – for the run, we will bring gels, and for you – don’t forget:

  • eat something before the run
  • bring water
  • bring your Oyster/contactless card
  • bring a credit card in case breakfast burritos are available…

Section One – Canal to the Wall
Run along St. John’s Wood Terrace taking a right on Charlbert Street to join the canal in Regents Park at the Charlbert Street entrance. Run along the canal for approximately 3 miles until the canal pathway ends at the famous “Wall.”
Section Two – Angel Roads
We need to run through the Angel neighbourhood until we can re-enter the canal path. At the wall follow the ramp up to Muriel Street. (This is a good place to wait for your pace group.) Take a right and then an almost immediate left up a path that winds between the apartment buildings. See the picture below for the entrance to the path.

Keep going straight on the path and it will become Maygood Street. When you get to the intersection with a main road (Barnsbury Road) turn right. Run until you make the second left onto Chapel Market. (There is a metal archway saying Chapel Market and a zebra crossing at the intersection.) Follow Chapel Market until the end. (NB:  There is a public Ladies Room at the end of White Conduit Street, which intersects with Chapel Market about midway.) Turn right at Liverpool Street to the major road Upper Street. Cross Upper Street and turn left. (NB:  Angel Tube Station is to the right if you are joining from here.)  Make your first right at Duncan Street and follow until the end. The entrance to the canal path will be directly in front of you. Go straight along the canal (NOT a sharp right turn.)
Section Three – Canal to Limehouse Basin
We run for about 4 miles following the canal path past Victoria Park to the Limehouse Basin. We exit the canal path at the wire looking bridge – see picture – and take the brown brick steps up to the left.

 Section Four – Limehouse Basin to Canary Wharf
At the top of the brick steps, go straight. At the Limehouse Gallery and Bronze Age shop turn right. Run along the water until you reach the second metal foot-bridge leading to a park. Cross the bridge and run through the park. After the park, you’ll run straight, under an arch and the water will be on your right. Run with the water on your right until you see the long flight of steps next to Royal China – see picture. You’re almost there! Only a third of a mile remaining!

Run up the steps and straight ahead, through the small park to India Drive and then veer slightly right along Cabot Square. You’re heading for the big skyscraper building in front of you. Stop when you see the sign for the Canary Wharf DLR Station at the ‘mall’ entrance on the South Colonnade. After grabbing a coffee, or maybe a breakfast burrito (if they are open), we’ll head to the Canary Wharf Tube station [Jubilee Line] and tube it home to SJW. Congratulations!

2020-21 Beginners – Week 27

Well – how did it feel running all the way to Big Ben and then back again?!  Pretty incredible that you guys have come this far.  I hope you are all feeling as proud of yourselves as we are of you!

This week, we will build just a bit more.  The route takes you through the Belgravia portion of the Wander Art exhibit we did a few weeks ago in Mayfair.  Some of the regular WRW group have run it and the art work looks super fun.

We will continue to use gels on the rest of our long training runs so you can find ones that you like (or at least tolerate!).  Please remember to bring water with you from now on for your runs.  And eat something beforehand!!

Next Few Weeks
The rest of the longs runs after this week that we have planned are destination runs.  I had hoped that we would be able to run in more than pairs by then, but no.  I would like to know if you all are comfortable with doing the next 2 long runs (March 11 and March 25) as destinations.  It would mean coming back on the tube at the end of the run.  The tube stations for the runs are both on the Jubilee Line.  We may try doing some distanced pairs if people are comfortable with that.  If you are NOT comfortable with doing a destination, please let me know and we will figure something else out.

Race Update
Pace group leaders from all of WRW are meeting tomorrow to discuss race logistics for the last week of April.  Right now, my hope is that we will all run at approximately the same time on Thursday morning, April 29.  We will be in small groups and will base our departure times on pace with those who expect to take longer leaving earlier so we can all arrive fairly close to one another.  This is not set in stone as we need to make sure this plan fits with WRW as a whole so stay tuned for confirmation and more details.

The Schedule
Week 27 Mar 4 – Belgravia Wander Art Loop – 8.5 miles
Week 28 Mar 11 –  Canary Wharf – 9 miles
Week 29 Mar 18 – 60 min
Week 30 Mar 25 – Wembley – 9 miles
Week 31 April 1 –  Canada Water – 10 miles
Week 32 Apr 8 – April  break – 60 min run
Week 31 Apr 15 – Kew Gardens – 11 miles
Week 32 Apr 22 – 45 min = easy run through Regents Park 
Don’t forget – your Tuesday runs are now 60 min long and the weekend run is 45 mins.  It is CRITICAL that you are running 3 times a week at this point.  Put it in your calendar and get it done 🙂

This week’s route: (thank you again to Tamar Brooks for the base of this run)
RunGo:  https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/iI3W0gNUI5
WanderArt website:  https://mayfairandbelgravia.com/wander-art?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=wander_art&utm_content=art_in_london&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhfW26oGQ7wIVhrTtCh08egEOEAAYASAAEgLfCvD_BwE