2020-21 Beginners Week 9

Hello all!
What a great run!  Big Ben (or I guess we should call it the scaffolding tower that was Big Ben) is done and dusted.  That run was a huge milestone and you all did it with smiles on your faces.  Remember when you said you couldn’t imagine running all the way there?  On top of that, we had a pretty big jump up in running time – we went from 28 to 36 total minutes and from 5 to 7 minute segments.  Great job!  Hopefully any of you who missed it can run it again on Tuesday with Jess.

This week, the running segments are not too different from last week – just a few more 7 minute ones.  

We have some new runners joining us on Tuesday – please keep an eye out for Maynie, Sal and Lilly and welcome them!  After this, enrollment for the beginner group will be closed.

Running in the Time of Covid
A couple of you have mentioned that you’ve sometimes gotten some looks when running on Tuesdays since you’re in a group.  I know when I saw you last Tuesday you were all doing a great job being in smaller “packs.”  I know it can be hard to stay separate so just do the best you can.  And if anyone says anything, please just ignore them and keep on running/walking.  We want to make sure we are respectful of the people in the community and we want to keep a positive perception of WRW.  

Half Marathon
I’m hoping that many of you have now signed up for the half marathon at Hampton Court.  The race date is a week earlier than on our original training plan so I have revised the schedule and am attaching it here.  If you haven’t signed up, what are you waiting for??  🙂  We now have the race information up on our website, in case you need it.  Make sure to put Women Running the World as your club and 2:30-2:40 as your expected time.  https://womenrunningtheworld.com/spring-half-marathon-4/

Jess’ Running Thoughts of the Week
I missed Jess’ Running Thought of the Week for last week so I’m including both weeks here.

Last week:
End the run as a better version of yourself. There are a lot of ways in you can end this run as a better version of yourself. So how are you ending as a better version? Are you less stressed? More confident? Happier? Do you feel stronger? Are you thinking more clearly? Did you learn something about your running or yourself or someone you ran with on this run? Ask yourself after the run how you have ended as a better version of yourself.

This week: 
Finishing a run is a great excuse to start a celebration. I just want you to have the excuse to celebrate this run, this sport, this runner you are becoming. You right now. I know we all need a little push some days. Consider yourself pushed so let’s go run and celebrate.

Stretching/Rolling Equipment
I know sometimes we all get some super fun aches and pains after running.  Some stretching/rolling equipment can be useful to help work things out.  These are some suggestions – take them or not.
Foam Roller – Something basic, like this:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Maximo-Fitness-Superior-Instructions-Included/dp/B06Y97NVKZ/ref=cts_sp_1_vtp  (mine is 45 cm,  not 90 but I’m sure either is fine).  Use it on your IT band.  Search YouTube for videos on how to roll.  Melissa has a thicker one that is better for lower back.
Slant Board – helps to stretch your calves.  Some runners leave it in their bathroom to use when they stand at the sink.  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00HVJRSQM/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_tijODbNX5EZBR
Trigger point balls – either spiky or not:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fitness-Mad-Trigger-Massage-Multicolour/dp/B00BJJZN94/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1DIQCCDJ4DIHA&dchild=1&keywords=pressure+point+balls&psc=1&qid=1571602752&s=sports&sprefix=pressure+point+%2Csports%2C128&sr=1-3https://www.amazon.co.uk/ResultSport®-Pack-Reflexology-Myofasical-Environmental/dp/B00CCPNDWI/ref=sr_1_7?crid=1DIQCCDJ4DIHA&dchild=1&keywords=pressure+point+balls&psc=1&qid=1571602752&s=sports&sprefix=pressure+point+%2Csports%2C128&sr=1-7

Weekend Running
Some of you have asked about running a bit on the weekends.  It would be good to start that in a week or so.  In general, you don’t want to run a longer segment on the weekend than we are doing during the week – so if you ran next weekend, it shouldn’t have segments longer than 7 minutes.  The run should be no more than 30-35 total minutes including walk time.  Pay attention to your pace, too, so you don’t go too fast.  Your muscles have been building so you can add that third run, but we don’t want you to push too much and get injured.  As we run longer segments, it will become more important to have that extra run on the weekend so the longer runs during the week aren’t so tiring.

This Thursday’s Route
Here is the route for the week – https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/kP0YdMVA5V
Cross Wellington and turn left, then right on St. John’s Wood Road. Cross Grove End and take a left on Cunningham Place.  Go right on Aberdeen Place and cross Maida Vale to keep running on Blomfield (stay on the right side of the street for better space).  After crossing Warwick Ave, take the next left to cross the canal and then an immediate right on the sidewalk path.  Stay on that path as it slopes down and then veers right through a small green space and then up the hill and straight to exit onto Harrow Rd.  Turn right to cross the canal on Harrow then go right on Sutherland to Castellain.  Take a left and run to Paddington Rec, entering at the Moorhead Road Gate.  Run through Paddington exiting at Carlton Vale.  Go right on Carlton Vale, right on Hamilton Terrace, and left on Hall back to Barclays.