Beginner Running during Lockdown

Hi Ladies,
Well – the fun times continue here in 2020!  But never fear, your coaches have been working hard to come up with a way for you all to keep training with coaches on Thursdays.

We have reached out to members of the broader WRW community to ask for guest coaches.  The plan is to have a stable of coaches who we will match with you all each week so you will have a one-on-one coached session on Thursday, or maybe Friday.  

Since we may not be able to come up with almost 20 coaches for our normal meeting time on Thursdays, we are proposing that there are 3 times that people could meet to run.  
Thursday – start time between 8-8:30
Thursday – start time between 10-10:30
Friday – start time between 8-8:30

We have created a Doodle poll to see what sessions will work for you.  If you are able to meet on any of the sessions each week, please check off all sessions.  If there is one that you might be able to do, you can select “if need be” by clicking the check box twice.  Please be as flexible as you can, within reason of course, so we can make sure we can match  all of you up with someone.  Several of your coaches will be available to run more than one session – we don’t want to miss out seeing you guys!

Here is the link to the poll.  Please fill it out, at least for this week, by tomorrow, Monday, at 5 pm.  If you’re not sure about subsequent weeks, I’ll just send the link around again for you to fill out.

Once we have everyone’s availability, we will match you up with your coach so you both can agree on the exact time and meeting place (we don’t have to meet at the Church Gardens).

I know a few of you often have work commitments.  If running earlier would be better for you, please let me know – I’m sure we can make that happen for you.  We are trying to keep the “long” run to Thursday or Friday so it doesn’t interfere with your Tuesday and weekend running.

Please please fill out the poll so we don’t have to come hunt you down.  We want 100% participation here, ladies!
As for your weekend run and Tuesdays, please try to pair up with another beginner so you can encourage each other through this.  And use the What’sApp group to keep each other motivated.  We WILL get through this and will be running stronger for it.  And if the lockdown ends when it’s supposed to, we will have the amazing Lights Run to welcome us all back to being together on 3 December.

Feel free to message me about any concerns or questions you might have about this.  We welcome any feedback as this is all new to us as well and we want to make sure this program is working for YOU.
Amy, Jess, Melissa, Paola and Renata