Beginner Running Group 11 December 2011

Hello Runners!

I’m still reeling from our run on Thursday.  You ladies are something else!  I loved being “the sweep”.  Running in the back of the pack and watching you run, run, run was so much fun.  You don’t look at all like beginner runners.  In fact, I’m not sure we should be calling you beginner runners anymore.  We ran non-stop 60+ minutes – beginners don’t run 60 minutes.  Well done!
This week we will be doing 60 minutes again.  We will run along the canal past Camden to Islington (what we call “The Wall”).  We will then run down Pentonville Rise then head west finishing somewhere between Goodge St. and Portland Place (near to Oxford St.).  The tough part will be the first 3 miles – similar to this past week’s run.  Once we come off the canal, we’ll be street running with lots of mini-breaks at lights.
This is the last run before many of you head off for the holidays.  If you are in town and are able to join us, we will be doing another 60 minute run on Thursday, 22 Dec at 8:15am from Starbucks.  We’ll keep the starting time the same so everyone can get back to their families and so there is no confusion about our meeting time/place.  We’ll be doing 60 minutes again on Thursday, 29 Dec – same time, same place.
Through end-January our middle distance run should be 45 minutes non-stop and the short run should be 35 minutes non-stop.  Some of you have asked if there is any harm in working on pace for the short run.  That is absolutely fine, but be very aware of any new aches/pains that develop.  Running faster puts different stress on your muscles and joints.  If something starts hurting, slow down.  If you are not interested in going faster but want to run a bit longer (ie, do two 45 minute runs a week instead of one 45 and one 35), that’s also fine.  I wouldn’t recommend running much longer than that yet.  In February, we’ll lengthen our weekly mid-distance run.
If you are traveling during the break and/or are not able to run much, target getting out twice a week for 35 minutes non-stop.  That is enough to maintain your fitness for two weeks.  Any running above that amount is just a bonus.  It’s more important that you come back feeling positive about your running rather than beating yourself up over not running “enough” over the break.  You will be fine.  Don’t set your target unachievably high or you’ll run the risk of starting back up in January feeling depressed/worried/anxious about your running ability.
See you this week,

Beginner Running Group 4 December 2011

Hello Everyone!

OK, here we go!  We’re running non-stop – yeah!  I’m so excited!  Our long runs for the next few weeks are all about 60 minutes of running time.  It looks repetitive, but what we’ll be doing is adjusting the routes from lots of street running (with little breaks at each crossing) to more difficult routes with fewer red-lights.  This week we will start by running around Regent’s Park (that will be the hard part) then we’ll head down to the river finishing at Embankment tube station.  There is a large Starbucks by the station.
We are entering that crazy-busy period of time leading up to the holidays.  Let me know if you have any concerns about your training.  Next week’s email will talk about our program over the holidays.  Please don’t worry about being away for a couple of weeks.  We are right on track with our training and our aim will be to simply maintain fitness over the holidays.  No worries!  That being said, if there is any way you can join us for the Thursday run this week and next week, please do!  We have only those two runs together before the break.  Doing both of those runs will truly boost your confidence.
You’re ready for this.  I promise.  Please feel free to email me with any questions/concerns you have.  I’m happy to help however I can.  I even give piggyback rides for a nominal fee (Hershey kisses, tootsie rolls, etc).  One last note – we start a new beginners group each September.  If you have decided that this year isn’t working for you, let me know.  I’ll take you off of this distribution and put you on next year’s list.  No worries!  The time has to be right – I understand.
See you Thursday,