2017-18 Beginners Week 27 update

Hi everyone,

Well, this weather is CRAZY!  You all get the dubious distinction of the first ever beginner group whose run to Canary was snowed out.  I’m so sorry to those of you actually looking forward to dodging bikes on the canal 🙂

So now the question is – what do we do.

Right now, we are looking at 3 options.

1) Meet at Barclay’s at the usual time, run to Hyde Park and then run 2 loops around the perimeter of Hyde Park.

2) Meet at Barclay’s at the usual time, take a bus to Hyde Park and then run 2 loops around the perimeter.

3) Do not run outside but find an inside running solution.  Some in the MWF group have discovered that you can book a 1-day membership online for Swiss Cottage Leisure Center for 8 pounds.  They did their long run today together on the treadmills there.  https://www.payasugym.com/gyms-in-london/swiss-cottage-leisure-centre-gym-details

We have had reports from MWF runners who ran today that Hyde Park was fine for running but it was a bit slippery on the way there.  This is why we are considering the bus option.

The issue is that we really won’t know the conditions until we are in them.

The important thing is that if you are feeling at all uneasy about running in this weather, don’t.  Find another option – get to Swiss Cottage in the next couple of days.  DO NOT feel that you need to try running in this.  DO NOT feel pressure from your fellow beginners or your coaches.  I do not want anyone to get hurt because she felt she had to get out there.  You can run the race if you don’t get out there tomorrow.  You can’t run it if you get injured by falling.  Coaches/Kris – this applies to you, too.

My plan at the moment is to go to Barclay’s in the morning after drop off and assess the sidewalks at that time.  If they are slippery, we will take the bus to Hyde Park.  And if HP is icy, we will not run.  But we can also run on the grass at HP which will likely not be icy.

I will not sugar coat it – running outside tomorrow is not going to be pleasant.  It’s supposed to be windy and running on slush may feel a bit like running on sand.  And if we run on the grass, you feet will be cold and wet.  I’m not trying to dissuade you – I just want to make sure you are prepared mentally (as well as wearing some wool socks and layers!).

The other variable is the possibility that ASL is cancelled.

SO, given all of that, my plan is to be at Barclay’s tomorrow and run, or bus/run, with anyone who is up for it.  And if it’s super icy, we will just slide our way to Pret 🙂

We won’t be doing the split time groups – this run will be much slower for all involved for safety reasons.  We will plan to do the split groups next week for Kew.

Also, for anyone super sad about missing margaritas, we have determined there is a Tortilla that is open early in Victoria station – a fairly quick jaunt from Hyde Park…

Let me know if you have any questions.