20 Beginner Note 20 October 2013


Dear Beginners,


You all did me proud, tackling street running very well last week!  You are certainly ready for the Big Ben run.  As you figured out, this whole street running deal is actually not so bad – you manage to get a lot of rest at the lights!  I still want you to be vigilant at the crossings though – it is so easy to just follow the person/group in front of you across the road without checking if it is clear.  Sometimes, even if the light is green for pedestrians, a bike will come along not bothering to stop at the red light, so please continue to be vigilant!


This week, we will run to Big Ben – our first destination run!  Please bring your Oyster cards – we will be getting the tube back to St John’s Wood from Westminster.  There are a couple of coffee shops by the tube station, but they tend to be small – we can decide when we get there whether or not we just head straight back here for coffee, or grab one in the Westminster area.  I will also get a group photo with Big Ben in the background once we all get there.  This is one of the favourite runs for the whole group – and one we tend to do time and time again, so now you will all be able to say you did it!


I look forward to seeing you all next week,


xo Syma

Beginner Note 20 October 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013