14 Beginner Note 14 October 2013


Dear Beginners,


Well, that was another great run from all of you last week – you deserve a huge pat on your backs, especially as you had one running interval that was 2 minutes longer than it should have been – I apologise for that!


This week we will be doing a little more street running – Betsy has planned a route to take us through Marylebone as well as into Regents Park.  This is to prepare us for yet more street running next week when we go on our first destination run.  Betsy will be away, but Paula Mitchell, who set up this whole program, will be joining us for the run.  Take the opportunity to meet her and chat with her while you run, or at coffee – she has run several ultra marathons all over the world, but has always taken time to run with each and every group of runners that make up Women Running the World and in fact, in the past few halves, has insisted on running with the slowest of the beginner runners, coming in last for most of the races.  She is extremely inspiring!


I look forward to seeing you on Thursday,


xo Syma

Beginner Note 14 October 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013