Beginner Running Group 8 October 2011

Hello everyone,

OK ladies, I know many of you are away on break this weekend, but I wanted to send off a congratulatory email to say “Well done”!  I’ve been getting reports back in the US that you are all doing fabulously.  I’m so impressed that you continue to meet up on Tuesdays on your own and it sounds like those runs are getting easier.  It takes awhile to figure out who’s going to chose the route, who’s going to watch the minutes, who’s going to be the organizer making sure everyone gets out there, who’s going to be the major cheerleader, who will be providing entertainment, etc.  I hope you are all settling into your various roles.
I understand that maybe Bonnie and Syma made you run a bit longer than you planned this past Thursday.  No worries – it’s all part of the plan.  You see, when I left two weeks ago for the US, you thought I was the bad guy – now you’ll be happy to see me again!  I’m much nicer than they are!
We have several ladies who have joined the group while I was away.  Please make note of the new distribution on this email.  I would appreciate you looking over the list to make sure I haven’t missed anyone.  We are a large group – I think we have 24 runners now.  I imagine that we won’t have any more additions as it’s tough for a beginner to jump in now and start by running 4-5 minute intervals.  With the group being this size, Bonnie and Syma will be joining us as often as they can for our weekly run.
I’m heading to the airport in a few minutes.  It’s been a productive trip, but let me tell you… I’m dead tired of looking at roof tiles, paint samples, wood stains, windows, doors, etc.  I can’t wait to get back to London.
I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.  This is a big week on our schedule, but no need to fret – we’ll take it slow and easy.
See you in a few days,