2020-21 Beginners – Week 32

WOW!  You guys are so incredible – 10 miles!  You deserve a break and hey!  I’m giving you one this week!  Don’t say I never give you anything 🙂

I have several things to cover in this email so I will get right down to it.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the coaches.

WRW Video
Don’t forget about the filming assignments our WRW movie director, Janelle, has set for us, both while we’re out on our runs and when we’re feeling creative at home.  She prefers short video clips over still photos, and they need to be shot horizontally (in landscape format):  
1) “Make yourself part of London street art.”  Become a statue, make yourself part of a mural, have fun showing off things you find around town.
2) Draw a WRW logo on mid-run with chalk, with a London iconic building, landmark or route in the background.
3)  Make a 30-second clip of you homeschooling your children or teaching your pet a new trick.
4). Recreate any Tik-tok or other viral video– in WRW kit, of course!

Janelle has set up a drop box for your videos when you are ready to submit them to her. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CrAsVTxb3P44p46UBfw3DdO17rfFYQlD
Get out there, get silly, and make the Silver Linings proud!!

Preparing for the race – 3 weeks out
By now, hopefully most of you have identified gels/jelly beans/bloks that you like (or at least tolerate).  You will want to have enough for our run to Kew next week as well as the race.  You’re welcome to have one for the week in between as well – that is up to you.  I do still have a bunch of extras and I’m happy to share so just let me know.

Additionally, make sure you’re eating something before the runs so you know what works for your body.  And make sure you have a water bottle for the longer runs – it is easy to underestimate how much your body needs water after all those miles.
Distance TrackingIn order to prove you have run the race (to get your medal and shirt), you will need a screenshot of a running app, or a running watch, to show the distance you have done.  Although in theory you could take a photo of my watch, it will be much more fun for you guys to have your own record of this momentous occasion.  So if you haven’t already, please put one of the running apps on your phone and practice using it.  Many runners in WRW use Strava or MapMyRun.  There are many apps – just make sure you know how to use it before race day.

Although this won’t be a full-on, hard core race in potentially unfamiliar weather (hopefully!), it is still a really long run and we want you to be as comfortable as possible.  With that in mind, please make sure you try out any clothing you think you might wear on race day – short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, tights, bra, socks – whatever.  You don’t want to buy something new and discover it rubs something terrible when you’re reaching Mile 6 of 13 miles.

Post Race Save-the-Dates
I know, you’re all probably thinking, “I’m getting this race over with and then you’re never seeing me again!”  Ha!  As if.  Post-race is the BEST because all of the runs are shorter than the race so you KNOW you can do them!  And we do fun things!  With that in mind, the regular WRW group has put out some “save the dates” for a couple of runs that you might want to put on the calendar.  I didn’t want you guys to miss out 🙂  We will talk more about what happens post-race in a couple of weeks but if you have questions, you can post them on the chat so everyone can hear the answers or I’m happy to answer directly.
Monday, 17 May – Adventure Run!– Virginia Water to Windsor.  Block off the entire morning for this beautiful run that ends at Windsor Castle!) – 7.5 miles
Monday, 24 May – Pace Group adventures — stay tuned for more on this new idea!

This week
We will still run in coached groups – it will just be less stressful than a normal run because it’s only 6 miles!  (except Tanya, who gets to continue to build this week…)
We will go out on the chat and see who can run.  I’m not sure if this week’s ASL break will wreak havoc with timing or not – you can let us know!

For a route, it’s flexible.  We can do The Wall again for an out-and-back.  If you’re up for adventure, we could run out the canal (toward Canary) and go to Brick Lane to see some street art.  Or could do a classic loop to Hyde Park.  And then there’s the fan favourite of Borough Market, although you guys did just run that way last week.  Decisions, decisions!  We can banter it about on the chat.

The Schedule
Week 32 Apr 8 – April  break – 6 miles
Week 33 Apr 15 – Kew Gardens – 11 miles
Week 34 Apr 22 – TBD – 7-8 miles
Week 35 Apr 29 – RACE DAY!
Continue to do 45 min on the weekend and 60 min on Tuesdays!