2020-21 Beginners – Beginner/Coach Pairings – Week 12

Hi,Here are the beginner/coach pairings for this week.  For many of you, the pairings are the same as they have been.  Next week, I am planning to mix it all up for our (hopefully) last week of lockdown.  As usual, the list of coach/beginner emails is at the bottom.
This week is a big week – we are moving to just 3 segments of 15 minutes each with a 3 minute walk (versus 2 min) in between.  We will do these intervals for 2 weeks before making another big leap.  You guys can DO this!!  It’s actually 2 minutes less running time than last week…  🙂
For the route – in years past, the route has gone down to Hyde Park and ended at Green Park.  This has been a celebratory run for the 15 minute segments and has also served as an introduction for getting to Hyde Park.  However, I know not everyone is comfortable getting on the tube, or perhaps walking home from there.  So I am putting it in as option and you can discuss with each other if you are up for it or if you want to do a SJW loop (proposed new route also attached).[and I just have to note that looking at the Green Park route map – it shows Winter Wonderland… normally it would be something to be checking out on the run but not this year 🙁  ]

8-8:30 am Thursday 19 November
Amy G – Mariyam 
Melissa K  – Ritu
Paola D – Tammy
Sue W – Farhanna
Shannon A  – Ash
Micki H – Joanna
Veena G – Tessa
Kate B – Wunmi
Magali K –   Corisha
Heather D – Jennifer 
Maya B – Darlene 
Marissa O – Devyani 

Thurs 10 am
Kelly W – Ana (Hyde Park area)
Miki N – Heloisa (Hyde Park area)
Zeina G – Sue K

Friday ~8 am
Sue W – Trenita

The Intervals
he intervals for Thursday:

  • Warm up
  • 15 min run/3 min walk
  • 15 min run/3 min walk
  • 15 min run/3 min walk
  • 5 min cool down walk

Suggested Route 1 – Hyde Park to Green Park
From Barclays, head down Circus Rd and turn left on Lisson Grove.  Run to Marylebone Road and cross over to Seymour Place.  At the end, turn right, cross over Edgware Road (be careful at this light) and run straight for one block on Seymour Road.  Turn left on Stanhope Place and then cross Hyde Park Pl to get into Hyde Park.  When you see the silver globe, after crossing North Carriage Dr, turn right.  Follow that path to the road (N Carriage Drive) and cross the road (be careful!).  Run down the hill to the Italian Gardens and turn left to run along the gardens (the gardens will be on your left).  Keep to the path closest to the water and run through the tunnel under the road and past the Diana Memorial Fountain and the cafe.  Keep along the water and at the end, bear right to run down onto the path (keep out of the bike path on the right).  At the end of the path, go right to make your way out of the gates to Hyde Park Corner and cross over Knightsbridge to run through the Wellington Arch and into Green Park.  Run straight and then turn left to go towards the Green Park tube station at the far end.


Suggested Route 2 – Canal West Loop
RunGo:  https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/sSZ0SazoQg
Head toward the western canal by running down St. John’s Wood Rd (if leaving from the church gardens) or Circus to Grove End (if leaving from Barclays).  From St. John’s Wood Rd, turn left on Cunningham Pl and then right on Aberdeen.  Continue straight onto Blomfield Rd and keep running until you get to Westbourne Terrace.  Turn left to cross the canal and then right to get on the sidewalk (not the canal path) parallel to the canal.  Continue straight, running through a small park at the edge of the canal and then head slightly left to come up at Harrow Road.  Turn left and then make your first right onto Alfred Rd.  Shortly you will see a path on your left – take than to cross over the train tracks on a bridge.  Head straight on Westbourne Park Passage until it ends and turn left onto Westbourne Park Rd.  At the end, turn right onto Porchester Rd then left onto Bishop’s Bridge Rd.  Take this to Paddington, taking a left just after you cross the tracks to head back down to the canal area.   Continue this direction along the canal, taking the footbridge to loop you around the basin at Westbourne Terrace.  Take the small path up off the canal onto Blomfield and continue running the same direction, retracing your original steps to head back to SJW.

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 8.09.33 PM.png