2020-21 Beginners – Beginner/Coach Pairings for Week 11

Hi everyone,

Here are the pairings for this week.  There have been a few switch ups based on availability and also to give some other people the chance to coach.  I will continue to revise as we go along.  Thank you to the guest coaches!  You are making a HUGE difference.

As before, I have attached the intervals, suggested route and the list of emails for everyone below.  Please reach out to contact each other to arrange a time and meeting place for the run.  If you have any questions or changes, please let me know!  Otherwise, have a great run!


8-8:30 am Wednesday 11 November
Amy – Sony

8-8:30 am Thursday 12 November
Amy G – Mariyam
Melissa K – Corisha
Paola D – RituSue W – Ash
Shannon A – Farhanna
Micki H – Joanna
Veena G – Tessa
Kate B – Wunmi
Magali K – Kathryn
Heather D – Jennifer
Jen E – Tammy
Maya B – Darlene
Marissa O – Devyani

Thurs 10 am
Kelly W – Ana (Hyde Park area)
Miki N – Heloisa (Hyde Park area)
Zeina G – Sue K 

8-8:30 am Friday 13 November
Jess B – Trenita

The Intervals
The intervals for Thursday:

  • Warm up
  • 11 min run/2 min walk
  • 12 min run/2 min walk
  • 12 min run/2 min walk
  • 12 min run/2 min walk
  • 5 min cool down walk

The suggested route: Modified Camden/Mornington Crescent
RunGo: https://routes.rungoapp.com/route/50BFao5nRg

Head towards the Charlbert entrance of Regent’s Park and get onto the canal towards Camden Lock where we cross the small, cobblestone bridge, exit the canal and turn right onto Camden High Street. Take the first right turn onto Jamestown Road and then the first left onto Arlington Road. Run straight down Arlington Road, make a slight right onto Mornington Crescent, follow it around and turn right onto Hampstead Road.  Run down to Robert Street.  Turn right on Robert for a few blocks and then a left on Albany Street and then the first right onto Chester Gate.  Based on where you are in your timing, you can cut into and across the park or run on the Outer Circle of Regents Park until you get to the exit for Charlbert Street.  Take Charlbert back up to St John’s Wood Terrace and then to Starbucks.