2020-21 Beginners Week 4

Hi everyone,I hope you all are having a great weekend!
For this week, as usual, please repeat last Thursday’s run on Tuesday.  Keep it SLOW!!  Also, please look out for new people joining and welcome them – we should have a few new additions this week.

Here is the link to join the group What’sApp if you are not already on it:  

And there is a WRW group on Facebook – request to join Women Running the World:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/577037932320990

Weekly Reminders:

  • Always bring a mask for the initial meet-up
  • Stay socially distant when you are first meeting up
  • Break up into groups of 6 or fewer for the walk and run as soon as you can within the park
  • Please be extremely mindful of others on the sidewalk and in the park – do not run/walk more than 2 abreast

This Thursday’s run time will be just a slight increase from last week’s.  We are taking our time building up to make sure your bodies are becoming adjusted at a nice slow pace.  As always, please let one of us know if you are hurting or struggling.  It is normal for your body to be aching in new ways because you’re using muscles differently.  We get concerned if an ache doesn’t go away after about 10 minutes of running/walking or if you have a sharp pain. I heard that some of you are having back pain.  It may help to think about your posture as you run – keep your shoulders back and don’t hunch over.  This actually opens up your chest and allows you to breathe more easily and will give you better posture beyond running even.

If you are on this email and are not planning to join us or continue this year, please let me know – we won’t take offense!  We don’t want to junk up your inbox any more than it already is.  But if you are planning to join, come on out!  It’s not too late to get started.

Hope to see everyone on Thursday,
Your coaches

A beautiful day in the park last Thursday!  Photo cred to Melissa 🙂