2019-20 Beginners Week 31

Well ladies, what can I say?  This year has been like no other (thank goodness!).  But through it all, you guys continue to amaze and impress us.  You didn’t have to come out this morning and do that incredibly long run, yet you did.  And you were happy!  And grateful!  And believe me when I say that we coaches are even more grateful to have coached you during this journey.  We are so proud of you!

I am personally still holding out hope that we won’t be completely restricted from leaving our homes during the next few weeks so we can all get out there to run.  For those of you who want to be able to check the “I’ve run 13.1 miles” box, the coaches would each be happy to run with 2 or 3 of you at a time to accomplish it.  We just don’t think it’s wise to do it in a group like we did today.  So please reach out and let us know and we will try to make a plan – ideally for the 28th.

Normally, I would be sending you an email about next week’s running plan, things to remember for the race and then a note about what happens after the race.  I thought I’d send you the part about what would have been next week’s plan and then after the race.  The After the Race part is still relevant.

For running going forward – if any of you think you might want to try for 13.1 on or about the 28th, keep to the plan outlined below (and run your 60 min run this Thursday).  Otherwise, you will now switch over more to a mileage run plan as we do in the MWF group.  That group generally runs about 6 miles 3x/week with Fridays being the hill (up Fitzjohn’s to Hampstead Heath) and often the Monday run is a mile or two longer.  For you all, 6 miles is about 70-75 min.  You are all trained up enough to do those runs.  But if you want to do less, that’s fine.  And if you want to keep to your Tues/Thurs/Weekend for now, that is also fine.  Once this craziness is over, we will make sure you are integrated into the regular group.
After I send this, I will forward you the message that Micki sent to the regular group about suspending the group runs for now and I will also forward you this week’s email.  And then I will add you all to the regular MWF distribution list so you get Micki’s emails going forward.  They usually go out on Saturday afternoons.

Keep messaging with each other, encouraging each other – I know you will.  We are so sad and disappointed that the beginner year is ending like this but you all have made it joyful for all of us and we love you all.  We will make sure we have a celebration, whether it is with all of WRW or just for us beginners, once this madness is behind us.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions/comments/whatever!  My What’sApp/mobile for messages is xxx.

Oh – don’t forget to cancel your hotel room if you haven’t already – the deadline is Thursday!!

The email that would have been:

This week’s plan
Tuesday – do your normal 60 minute run but don’t push it.  Thursday we will just do 45 minutes around Regent’s Park at a slow pace.  The goal this week is to enjoy your running (!!) and your group and just keep your muscles loose.  Relax!  If you push the pace this week, it may make your legs feel a bit heavier than normal on Saturday from the muscle damage that comes when you are building up muscle (you may have noticed this on your weekend runs after a long Thursday run).  Your training is done, you are READY!  As Paula said in the final email my beginner year, this week is about finding the joy in running and in your amazing group.

and then blah blah blah things about preparing for the race that I will send you if you ever want it for a race in your future but don’t need right now

and then

After the race
Next week, you officially become part of the regular WRW group.  Congratulations!  You will receive an email each week with the suggested routes for the week.  Generally, the runs after the race tend to be fun destinations.  We no longer need to worry about mileage, it’s more about being social and keeping fit (since we can use that as an excuse to eat all the good things at Borough Market…).

For the first week after the race, don’t worry about getting right out there to run.  You may or may not feel sore from the race – a lot of it will depend on the weather and how hard you push at the end.  My beginner year, my group got together the Thursday after the race and did 3 – 4 miles in Regents Park, just to get out there and to reconnect with each other post-race.  If you’re ready to come out with the MWF group on Wednesday after the race – fantastic!  It will be an easy 4 mile run across Hyde Park to the Kensington Whole Foods.  Also, for those of you willing to brave Fitzjohn’s and the Heath, we are happy to run with you on an upcoming Friday, to give you a few tips on running up the hill.  It’s hard, but it’s such a great feeling to get to the top.  Plus, the Heath is beautiful.

I know it can be tricky to start running on MWF after you’ve gotten into such a TTH schedule for the year.  It can also be intimidating to run with all those super scary advanced MWF runners.  But trust me, you are running at paces that fit within the larger MWF group.  Your coaches will help connect you with the women in your pace group and I swear, they are all really nice.  And you will meet many of them this weekend.  So please please come out and run with us whenever you can.  It will also make it easier for the fall if you meet some of your fellow pace group runners over the next month or two before school gets out.