2018-19 Beginners Week 4

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend!
For this week, as usual, please repeat last Thursday’s run on Tuesday.  Also, please look out for new people joining and welcome them – we may have a few new additions this week.
This Thursday is the first PCA meeting at ASL.  I know some of you would like to go to that meeting so we will offer two coached run times this week – the regular 8:15 am time and then right after the meeting (which I think is around 10:30?).  Please either RSVP to me or to your What’sApp group so we can get a headcount for each time slot.
This Thursday’s run time will be just a slight increase from last week’s.  We are taking our time building up to make sure your bodies are becoming adjusted at a nice slow pace.  As always, please let one of us know if you are hurting or struggling.
If you are on this email and are not planning to join us this year, please let me know – we won’t take offense!  We don’t want to junk up your inbox any more than it already is.  But if you are planning to join, come on out!  It’s not too late to get started.
Hope to see everyone on Thursday,
Your coaches
A beautiful day in the park last Thursday!  Photo cred to Jess 🙂
Front:  Maya Berner, Britney Weil, Rebecca Emery, Jeni Hackett
Middle: Marie Laure Caruso, Carolyn Reeves, Melissa Kay (coach), Linda Lu, Jeannette Bolind, Jane Hunsaker, Nina Bhagat
Back: Amy Grace (coach), Tina Moini, Angie Wu, Helga Tan, Vicki Renner (coach), Devy Schonfeld, Nadine Al-Said, Barbara Kim, Shannon Kelly, Darlah Edwards