2017-18 Beginners Week 11

Hi everyone,

I just got back from a show in Islington and on my way there, I happened to walk by the Hen & Chickens Theatre and saw posters for Kate’s show.  I hope your opening night went well, Kate!  I can’t wait to go on Thursday!

So – well done this week!  That was a big jump up in time – going from 7 minute to 10 minute segments.  That’s HUGE!  I know it was hard, but you did it!    This week we will increase our intervals up to 12 minutes.  If you hadn’t noticed, we are increasing our time faster now so it is so important to make sure you are getting at least the Tues/Thurs (or substitute days) in and it will be much easier on you if you are doing that third run on the weekend.  It will be easy to suddenly feel like you’re falling behind and we don’t want that to happen!
Some of you may be away for ISSTs (the high school end of the season sports tournaments for those of you without ASL high schoolers) this week so just try to get the run in when you can.
Don’t forget to keep it SLOW on Tuesdays.  You can get an app for your phone – I recommend MapMyRun, Strava or RunKeeper – that will track how fast you are running.  You should be running between a 12:30 and 13:00 minute mile at the most (and it is completely fine to be slower).  I would recommend that one person be in charge of the timing for Tuesdays and another person keep track of the speed.  You should pause the app when you walk so you’re accurately timing the run portion.  For your weekend run, it’s OK to go a bit faster because it’s for a shorter time and distance.  But don’t kill yourselves!
Finally, if you haven’t booked your hotel room, please do so now.  We sold out the first block of rooms and the hotel has given us a few more, but once these are booked, the next set of rooms will be more expensive.  Please remember that the hotel has a very generous cancellation policy – I think it’s 24 hours in advance, so even if you’re not sure you’re coming, it will be better to book a room and cancel than miss out.
This week for the route, we are going to Notting Hill via Elgin Avenue in Maida Vale.  See you Thursday if not before!

Beginner Week 11