2016-17 Beginners Week 14

Hi everyone,
For those of you who celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  All that eating is perhaps good motivation for doing some running…!
We have just a few more weeks until winter break and we will accomplish a lot before then.  You all can DO this!  We are so excited for all of you, how well you are doing.  We have several pieces of information below but not quite so long-winded as the past few weeks 🙂
Race Registration
It is time to register for the race!  Full instructions and the link can be found on the website here about a third of the way down:  http://womenrunningtheworld.com/spring-half-marathon/  It is very straightforward but if you have any trouble, just let me know.
The important thing for you all is that you put your race time to be 2:30-2:39.  This race is large enough that it will have corrals based on the estimated race finish time.  This is so faster runners aren’t stuck behind slower runners and slower runners don’t have to deal with faster runners trying to push their way through.  We don’t know yet where you will actually fall in the race times, but this will put us all in the same corral and that is most important thing.
Holiday Lights Run – December 8
Don’t forget – we are planning to do the early morning holiday lights run on Thursday 8 December.  Please let me know if you think you can NOT make it.   We will send out the specifics next week but we will start at 6 am and you should be back to SJW around 7:15.  It really is a special run so I hope you can all make it!
Some of you may have already purchased new shoes since you started running, but some haven’t.  If you haven’t, it would be good to get a new pair before we start increasing our mileage in January.  If you’re going back to the US for the holidays, you could pick up a pair there (that’s what I did my beginner year).  It’s a good idea to go to a store that knows what it’s doing – that will evaluate your gait and suggest an appropriate shoe for you.  In London, Runners Need (a chain with many locations) or the Asics store on Oxford Street offer gait analysis.  You want to get new shoes soon so you can make sure they are comfortable and don’t cause any issues.  When I was a beginner, I ran the first few months in cross trainers and when I got “real” running shoes, my knees started hurting because I was landing differently in the new shoes.  It took several weeks of alternating with my old and new shoes before everything settled and I was glad to have that time.
Communicating With Each Other
I’ve had a couple of people ask about the best way to communicate if they are running late or aren’t sure where the group is going, especially on Tuesdays or for weekend runs.  In the past, the beginners would often email each other, but last year, the group created a WhatsApp group that everyone was on.  This allowed them to quickly message the whole group about meeting up or to say they were running late or whatever.  Just something to consider!
THANK YOU to Starbucks
Every year, the M/W/F group organises a gift for the employees at our local St. John’s Wood Starbucks. You are welcome to contribute to that effort if you would like.  We’re suggesting a £5-10 donation, but feel free to give whatever you would like. We’ll also be donating some home-baked goodies. Give your donation (in an envelope with your name) to one of us before Tuesday 13 December. Please email wrwlondon@gmail.com if you would like to contribute baked treats. We’ll gather the baked goods on Tuesday 13 December and we’ll give the gift to Starbucks on Wednesday 14 December before the M/W/F group run. Please get your gift to us soon if you would like to participate.
This Week
For Thursday, we are going to run down to Hyde Park and we will be doing 2 25-minute intervals with a 5 minute walk break in between.  We will end at the Starbucks at the Green Park tube so BRING YOUR OYSTER CARD!
Directions for the run:
From Barclays, head down Circus Rd and turn left on Lisson Grove.  Run to Marylebone Road and cross over to Seymour Place.  At the end, turn right, cross over Edgware Road (be careful at this light) and run straight for one block on Seymour Road.  Turn left on Stanhope Place and then cross Hyde Park Pl to get into Hyde Park.  When you see the silver globe, after crossing North Carriage Dr, turn right.  Follow that path to the road (N Carriage Drive) and cross the road (be careful!).  Run down the hill to the Italian Gardens and turn left to run along the gardens (the gardens will be on your left).  Keep to the path closest to the water and run through the tunnel under the road and past the Diana Memorial Fountain and the cafe.  Keep along the water and at the end, bear right to run down onto the path (keep out of the bike path on the right).  At the end of the path, go right to make your way out of the gates to Hyde Park Corner and cross over Knightsbridge to run through the Wellington Arch and into Green Park.  Run straight and then turn left to go towards the tube station at the far end.beginnerhydetogreenlong