Ex-Beginners Week 1: 26 April 2016

Hello everyone!
First, on behalf of all of the coaches, I want to thank ALL of you for a wonderful year.  It has been so incredible to watch you progress from 1 minute of running to 11+ miles.  We are so proud of what you have accomplished, and we are so impressed with the bond you have created.  We have enjoyed teaching you and learning from you and we can’t wait to run with you side-by-side in the days ahead.

For those of you in Nice, thank you for your hilarious song and moving tribute.  Jodi – I heard several people say that any future beginner groups were in big trouble trying to follow in your footsteps.  You guys made our race experience so special.  I know not everyone had a great race, but I know we all had a great time being together and meeting new friends as well.  You are an amazing group of women that we are so honored to have coached.

You don’t need to have run the race to now be an ex-beginner.  You have all done the training and you are all ready to move up to the big leagues – the scary MWF group.  Hopefully you all received Jane’s email this morning with the routes for the week.  Tomorrow’s run is an easy 4 miles to Whole Foods in Kensington.  It’s just running down to Hyde Park, across, and through to Kensington High Street.  We passed the Whole Foods on the way to Kew – easy peasy.  And we won’t be pushing any pace tomorrow.  Most of us coaches will be there tomorrow and we will be happy to guide you to others who run a similar pace, or run with you, or whatever!  You can also come and run with each other.  This run is just about getting back out there, saying hi, and getting some shopping done.

Friday, I am happy to run with whoever wants to up the hill.  It looks scary, it’s not super fun going up, but you get there and you’re psyched!  And then you get to go into the beautiful Heath. So please come out.

And let us know if you have any questions about the pace groups, routes, or anything else – not only this week but going forward.  We are here for you!  (and we accept hugs, Gisele…)

I know we are planning an outing to see Jodi speak on 8 May (she is also speaking on 29 May and 5 June if you can’t go 8 May).  And Swati and Vijaya still have their big race to come, also on 8 May.  But for now, you guys are officially DONE as beginners.  We love you all and are so excited to see you out with everyone else.

Amy, Meg, Vicky, Stacey and Lesley