Beginners Week 6: 11 Oct 2015

Hi all,

I hope you all have been able to enjoy this lovely fall weather this weekend!  Several of us went down to cheer on Jane and other WRW runners (including 2 of last year’s beginners!) at the Royal Parks Half Marathon this morning and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.

Speaking of half marathons… we know it’s hard to fathom even running as far as Big Ben, but as you know the spring half marathon trip has been announced and the hotel and flight details will be coming out this week.  There is no rush to book – the race itself hasn’t even opened up for registrations – but we want to give you all the chance to ask questions now in case you want to book your flights.  Once the WRW gang starts booking flights, the cost will start to go up and we don’t want you to miss out on cheaper flights if you’re ready to book.

With that in mind, Meg has graciously offered to host a post-run coffee at her house this coming Thursday.  We will plan for our regular run route to end at her house on Hamilton Gardens (close to the Abbey Road crossing).  We will talk about the race and have some ex-beginners come to share their experiences from past years.  It’s good to hear from them about how YOU CAN DO THIS!

If you can’t make the run this week but can make the coffee, please come.  We will probably get to Meg’s house around 9:30 am.  Meg’s address is 20 Hamilton Gardens, NW8 9PU.  If you can’t make breakfast, please reach out to one of us if you have any questions.  The trip email will likely be sent out on Wednesday.

For our run on Thursday, we will be running a total of 22 minutes, slipping in a few 4 minute blocks.  Going forward, the amount of time spent running starts to increase more quickly since you have built the base you need to start to run longer.  It is really important to get that second run in each week so you keep that base up and build from there.  Anyone on this list who hasn’t been out running with us – now is the time to jump in before we are too far along in the program.

See you all on Thursday!

Amy, Meg & Vicky

Route for this week:

Cross Wellington and run down Circus/Hall Road to Hamilton Terrace.  Go right on Hamilton Terrace until Abercorn Place where you take a left.  It becomes Elgin, which we stay on until Chippenham Road (about 3/4 mile).  Take a right on Chippenham to Shirland, a right on Shirland briefly, then a left on Kilburn Park Road.  Run up Kilburn Park Road to Carlton Vale, go right on Carlton Vale until Abbey Road, and go right on Abbey until Garden Road, which leads to Hamilton Gardens – and Meg’s house!