23 March 2015


Hello Beginners!

This week we will be doing our longest training run of the season – 10.6 miles to Kew Gardens!!!  Jane took the photo below to inspire all of our WRW runners (thank you Jane!). It is a beautiful run along the Thames.  Don’t forget your gel, water and oyster card.  Please take the time read the route and directions below and note where you will be entering and exiting the Thames path.  

We will be running in pace groups again this week.  If you have any questions or feedback about your pace and/or pace group, please let us know asap.

Padua – New directions for health form 

When you fax or email the health form to the race directors, please also send in a copy of the Runcard or your Runcard confirmation. We’ve had a few women who sent in the health form and then got an email saying that they needed a Runcard when they had already bought one. It seems like the info systems in the race office are not amazing.  Basically if you send in both forms together it will save you from going back and forth with the race office about the Runcard as well. If you have already sent in the health form, you’re probably all set but make sure you have a copy of the Runcard with you at the race expo in Padua.  

Kew Route – 

You’ll be feeling exhilarated as we do our 10.6 mile run to the cute ‘village’ of Kew.  We start out the normal way running to Hyde Park.  Once in the Park, we’ll turn to the left and run down the main walkway as we regularly do, to parallel Park Lane.  At the end of the walk, turn right to follow the main cross route in the park—beware of the bike lane!  When this ends at West Carriage Drive, cross the road at the crossing and continue on the pathway towards the bottom right corner of Hyde/Kensington Park.  We’ll run out of the Park at the Broadwalk, turning right onto Kensington High Street and continue for about two miles until we reach the Hammersmith Tube gyratory.  Run counter clockwise towards the left, ending up on Queen Caroline Street which gets you to St. Paul’s Church green.  Run along the Green to the right, heading to and crossing over Hammersmith Bridge. Exit Hammersmith Bridge Road to your left and run under it onto the Thames footpath.  Now it’s time to enjoy the view as we run along the Thames for almost four miles – it’s beautiful! When you exit off the Thames you will be looking for a railroad bridge, see the photo below:

Don’t go under the bridge, turn left down a path before the bridge. See photo below.  (There is a small sign next to the path that says Kew Riverside Park.) 

Follow the path which becomes a road, there will be the green railway fence and rail tracks on your right.  When you get to the crossroad, turn right and take the pedestrian tunnel under the bridge. At the first traffic light, cross the road and turn left to follow Leybourne Park road. At the end of the road, turn left and follow Sandycombe rd for a short bit until you see the Kew Greenhouse cafe on the corner and Starbucks is just a few doors down. Time for a celebration!

We look forward to seeing you Thursday and sharing in this awesome experience with you!

Meg and Vicky


A HUGE run for all of you to Canary Wharf – you are all amazing!

Beginner Note 23 March 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015