26 Beginner Note 26 Nov 2014


Hi Everyone,

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, wherever you are!  I know some of you are in London and planning to run tomorrow.  I’ll be at Barclays at 8:30 tomorrow, rain or shine, and I wanted to pass on the potential route for you all to think about.  Please don’t think I’m obsessed (although my kids do), but I’ve mapped another Paddington route.  It’s almost a repeat of the Big Ben run, but with extra running in Hyde Park that makes it about 5 miles.  That may be a bit long, but we would see 6 Paddingtons and end up at the Westminster tube station…and we could always walk at the end if our running is done.  We could also stop at 4 miles – that would take us past 3 Paddingtons and end in Green Park.  And if no one wants to ride the tube, we can always run to Hyde Park and back (we would still see one bear!).  We’ll figure it out tomorrow.  And for those of you who aren’t around, I’m more than happy to do either route again!

See you tomorrow!



Time for more Paddington Bears!

Beginner Note 26 Nov 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014