20 Beginner Note 20 January 2014


Dear Runners,

Great job last week on your 60 minute run!  You are all amazing!!

Syma is out of town for a couple more days so I am sending you a quick email with our route for this week.  Hopefully there aren’t any meetings this Thursday and we will get everyone running together, but the map is attached if you need it.  It is important that you get your long run done every week as we lead up to Germany — it is great that you have grouped together when you can’t join the 8:15 Thursday run.  Please let Syma, Bonnie or I know if you are having trouble finding someone to run with.

The route on Thursday will take us on the canal in an easterly direction to Islington (hopefully it won’t be closed this time!).  We will exit the canal when we hit ‘the wall’ in Islington and we will turn right (south) onto Farringdon.  We then turn right (west) at Clerkenwell/Theobold’s Rd.  This will eventually turn into Oxford St and we will stop at Selfridges.  If you have time, join us for coffee on the 4th floor Starbucks — always the best part of the run!

We will start needing gels to top up our energy levels once we start running over 80 – 90 minutes.  We can discuss gels on the run this week and Syma will send out more information about them in the next week or so.  It is also important to have some water with you on your long runs.  Let us know if you’d like a run to end at Runners Need so you can get a water bottle, belt or pack.

See you Thursday!!



Beginner Note 20 January 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014