6 January 2013 Note

Hello Beginner Runners,

I hope you’ve had a fabulous holiday season. I’m still enjoying some time in Texas with Kirk and Adrian. We’re having a blast but I am ready to get back to London and get back to our routine. I miss you all!!!!

This Thursday, 10 January, Betsy and Bonnie (and Syma if she’s back from an unexpected trip to the US) will lead the group on the route we did on 20 December. It’s a loop that takes the group back to Starbucks in SJW (see map). You will be running down to Hyde Park via Lisson Grove/Seymour entering the park near Speaker’s Corner. The group will exit Hyde Park at Brook St. and run across to Regent St. The route turns north to run up to Regents Park then back to Starbucks. This route is all familiar territory for you – hopefully that will help those of you who have been away and/or not running much over the holidays. The run is a 60 minute non-stop session but has a lot of street crossings (so you’ll have little mini-breaks throughout the route. If you weren’t able to run much over the holidays, don’t fret!!! We’ll all struggle through this together. It will take a couple of weeks to get back into our routine. Please don’t not come out to join the group because you’re worried about having lost fitness over the break. I promise it will be OK. You won’t be alone!!! If you have trouble during the run, slow it down but try not to walk. Jog so slowly that power-walkers could pass you (but don’t walk!!!!).

January is hard for everyone. Even our strongest runners in the Mon/Wed/Fri group have to fight to get back into a running routine in the new year. Don’t give up now! You can do this!!!! I’ll be back in London on Sunday, 13 January, but am checking emails here in the US. Email me if you have any concerns/questions – I’m happy to help however possible.
Happy Running,