Beginner Note 10 November 2012

Hello Runners,

I missed you all so much while I was away but it sounds like you did a fabulous job of carrying on with your running, continuing to train regularly and supporting and encouraging your fellow runners to keep at it.  Thank you so much ladies!  You’re the best!

Beginner Runner Coffee Morning at Bonnie’s house on Thursday:
This Thursday, we will finish our run at Bonnie Bandeen’s house (Hamilton Terrace) for coffee.  I will bring some more detailed information about our training program, some information about nutrition for performance (basically what you should/could eat pre/post/during running), specific info on hydration, and you will have the opportunity to register for the Bratislava race.

Bratislava Race:
The race registration is open and they continue to improve the process.  There is now more English on the website and the race director has informed me that they will continue to update the website up to race day.  There are now photos of last year’s races on the site which are interesting.  It’s nice to get an idea of where we’ll be running.  I will bring my computer to Bonnie’s coffee post-run this Thursday so people can register.  It’s easier to do if you see somehow else go through the steps.  Please remember if you register on your own to put “WRW- Women Running the World” or some version of that under our group name.  The director is finding that helpful in identifying our runners.

Running Group T-shirts:
Our t-shirt order has been placed and we are expecting it to arrive the first week of December.  We’ll figure out a way to distribute the shirts as quickly as possible once they are here.

Adding a 3rd weekly run:
If you are feeling up to it, consider adding a weekend run to your program.  The weekend run should be shorter than your Tuesday and Thursday run.  Keep the running portion to 30 minutes in any format you desire.  For example, you could do 4 x 7:30 minute jogging intervals separated by 2 minute walking breaks, or 3 x 10:00 minute jogging intervals, or 2 x 15:00 minute jogging intervals.  The pace should still be slow but can be slightly quicker than our Tuesday and Thursday runs if you want.  If you don’t like going any faster, there is no need to push the pace.  You will still reap the benefits of this 3rd weekly run.  If you are experiencing aches/pains from the running, I would recommend a weekend brisk, power-walk instead of a run.

Running over Thanksgiving:
Many of you will be away from Wed, 21 Nov through Sun, 25 Nov or home with children and not able to run the regular days.  Please don’t worry!  Our program allows for holiday breaks, illnesses, injuries, travel, etc.  You will be just fine – I promise!  If you are completely unable to run, don’t fret.  Try to get out for some walks if at all possible.  If you are able to continue with your regular routine, Syma will be leading the group on Thursday, 22 November, at 8:15am from Starbucks.

This Thursday, we will be doing a loop (see map below) to finish at Bonnie’s house for coffee post-run.

In an effort to provide full disclosure (wow, that sounded soooo official!!!), this run will most likely be difficult.  I don’t want to discourage you or make you apprehensive but I also don’t want you to have a rough time with the run and think there is something wrong.  It should be hard.  We’ll be doing 3 x 15 minute jogging intervals and the first long interval will be a lot of non-stop canal running.  The last two intervals should be easier for you as there are numerous street crossings.  This run combined with the run to Whole Foods this past Thursday (which also had some long non-stop running stretches) should set us up for some major breakthroughs.  The problem is that our bodies are trying to figure out where to get fuel for this type of running.  For most of you, running is entirely new.  Your body hasn’t learned how to fuel itself – but it will!!!  Hang in there and after 2-3 weeks this will seem easier again.

To summarize our upcoming routes:

  1. 15 Nov – Little Venice/Kilburn loop to finish at Bonnie’s house

  2. 22 Nov – Thanksgiving – Syma will lead the group on a loop route

  3. 29 Nov – This will be a destination run – bring your Oyster cards and/or cash!!

  4. 6 Dec   –  Runner’s Need in Holborn

                                                        Happy Running!