Beginner Note 29 September 2012

Hello runners,

I missed you on Thursday!  I heard the run went very well.  I can’t believe we are already doing 3 minute intervals – that’s huge.  Everyone is doing well with the program.  Our next few weeks look about the same but those running intervals just keep getting a little bit longer.  As the intervals lengthen, some of you may start to struggle.  Please don’t worry about that!  It’s normal.  If that happens, do everything you can to keep jogging.  Slow it down to a crawl if you must but DON’T WALK.  Jog so slow that you could definitely walk faster than you’re jogging, but don’t walk (until the walking interval starts).  This is very important.  We are trying to get our bodies used to  running and trying to improve our cardio fitness to a point where running long distances is possible.  For those of you who don’t normally do a lot of sport, your heart will be stressed by this program.  It should be.  The heart is just like any other muscle in the body; it has to be taxed/pushed to become stronger.  So, if you are struggling, don’t be downtrodden by that.  It means you are stressing your cardio system and you’ll be stronger in the end for it.

Now….  onto the half-marathon in Bratislava.  Several of you have already committed to the trip and arranged your airline tickets.  That’s fabulous!!!!  If you are unsure about the trip, please don’t worry.  There is no pressure to commit right now.  In terms of motivation, there seems to be two types of women.  Some people commit immediately to a challenge, tell all their friends and family what they’re doing, post that program on the frig and this incentivises them to keep training.  Others tell no one that they are attempting to run, don’t commit to the trip until the very last minute, don’t look at the program but keep showing up to run each week.  Believe me, I understand both of these approaches!!!  I’ve tried them both.  I will continue to update the group on plans for the half-marathon weekend, but those of you who are sitting back waiting to decide, please feel no pressure!!!!  On the other hand, if you have any questions/concerns or just want to sit down and ask me if this is really possible, I’m happy to help you, answer your emails or meet you for a coffee anytime.  

New info on the Bratislava weekend!!!  The contract with the Sheraton Hotel is finalised and we have been offered the following rates:

        €100 per room per night for a single

        €110 per room per night for a double

These rates include breakfast and all taxes except for a €1.65 per person per night city tax.  What a deal!  I’ve heard that the airline prices are quickly increasing (particularly on the 2:40pm BA flight into Vienna).  Hopefully the very reasonable hotel prices will offset the expense of the airline tickets.  Several women have opted for the earlier BA flight (around 11:00am in Vienna).  Because of that, I will probably be organising a coach to meet each of those flights.  And remember, you always have the option of flying on EasyJet or Ryan Air – those may be less expensive tickets.  For the hotel, do not book directly – just tell me that you want a room and I will arrange it.

Lastly, thank you so much for organizing yourselves into groups when the Tues/Thurs time slot doesn’t work for you.  This is brilliant.  It is so much more fun (and easier) to run with a friend than to go it alone.  Thanks a million!

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.  Please, please, please – email or call me if you have any questions.  You are not bothering me!!!!