The view from the top of Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath

The Betsy Route, originally created by Betsy LaMaster, is approximately 5 miles in length.  After running up to Hampstead tube stop, you turn right and then make a left to make your way into the Heath.

This is the newest Heath route.  It takes you out to to the western Heath and through the Pergola and Hill Gardens, often considered one of London’s great secrets.

The eight mile heath route runs up Parliament Hill and past Kenwood House before exiting the heath where it entered.

The six mile heath route takes you up to the top of Parliament Hill.  After the hill, bear right to run down past the athletic track.  Exit the heath after the splash pond and turn right at the street.  Run through the Royal Free Hospital grounds and make your way back through Belsize Park toward Swiss Cottage and SJW.

Highgate  (7.5+miles)

Head up Fitzjohn’s, as usual, and continue past the Hampstead Tube and Whitestone Pond to stay on Spaniards Road.  Do not enter the Heath at the normal entry point, but stay on Spaniards Road as it wraps around the outside of the Heath, past Kenwood House and past The Bishops Road where Spaniards Road turns into Hampstead Lane. 

Continue on Hampstead Lane as it edges around the outside of the Heath in a gentle rise until you reach The Grove, where you turn right.  [The Grove is a pretty, tree lined street just before the Highgate roundabout].  Run to the first right lane, which is Fitzroy Park and has a traffic barrier across the road.]  Pass around the traffic barrier—this is fine! And continue down the road, past lovely homes and a famous allotment on the right side.  This road curves downhill to the left and takes you to the entrance of the Heath near a set of bathrooms [and just before Merton Lane to the left]. 

Enter the Heath, run past the loos and take the path to the left as it runs along a the model boating pond, the men’s bathing pond and a third pond.  When the sidewalk dead ends, take a right to run along the exercise fields, track and swimming pool.  Exit the Heath past the swimming pool, crossing over the bridge onto Constantine Road.  Take a right, running past South End Rd/Fleet Rd, past the Royal Free Hospital and cutting to the left just past the Royal Free’s entrance driveway to take a short cut to Haverstock Hill.  Go left on Haverstock Hill to Belsize Avenue, veering to the left to stay onto Buckland Crescent  and take this to Fitzjohn’s.  Left on Fitzjohn’s to Swiss Cottage, then scoot over to St Johns Wood Park Road and back to Starbucks.